We’re still in COVID-19 mode and providing disaster recovery assistance to our customers - by Ron Lanzo

As I mentioned in my last article in this publication, what kind of support should you expect during a Pandemic from your vendors? It’s been more than four months now since the initial shut down of all New York City business, and we are

Letting in some fresh air to combat the COVID-19 pandemic - by William Gati

Last Fall, I taught a course at NYIT, School of Architecture in Environmental Design. I dedicated one lecture to the impact of the mechanical systems on indoor air quality. I stated that recirculated, unfiltered air could

Why storage space in residential buildings has become such a sought-after amenity - by Joshua Goldman

Although the trend of college students moving back home with their parents has been on the rise, that trend has definitely exploded since early March 2020 when the pandemic mandated a

Why multifamily garden style vs. high rise during COVID-19? - by Marc Hershberg, Jared Isaac and Brian Shorr

Since the onset of the COVID-19, residents of cities have begun to move outwards from urban cores to surrounding suburban areas for two primary reasons. First,

Challenges, trends & opportunities for CRE beyond COVID-19 - by Vikash Jha

COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to all aspects of our lives and across every industry, but the commercial real estate (CRE) industry definitely is among the hardest hit.

How multifamily communities are engaging renters virtually during COVID-19 - by Eden Chai

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the way people rent apartments. Getting in-person tours can be difficult (and prohibited in some states) and

Discover diverse development with The Agency Broome County IDA/LDC - by Stacey Duncan

We at The Agency know that location is everything. For businesses and residents alike, Broome County’s strategic access to top markets and several major highways helps keep anyone who calls Broome home connected to

The importance of providing tools to uncover cost inefficiencies in new and existing developments - by Barry Sunshine, Chris Gagliardi and Chris Zingalli

The Real Estate and Construction Practice Group of Janover LLC recently launched a number of new and valuable services to our clients. Janover LLC is a full service CPA firm that renders

Trends in commercial leasing in New York City - by Michael Nerenberg

While 2020 has been a year many of us in New York real estate would like to forget, it would be useful to remind ourselves that certain trends that became more noticeable and

September Spotlight:
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New York, NY The New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) published its monthly spotlight. September's issue is titled What's Trending. Hear from