Commercial Real Estate Guide: Storage Solutions: About Bargold Storage

In 1985, Bargold began as a small self-storage operation with one facility in Queens. It expanded to nine facilities with over 16,000 storage units in just a few years as the need for storage grew. Through years of experience operating standard off-site

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Mechanical Engineer: About ME Engineers

Since 1981 ME Engineers has built a legacy that includes some of the world’s most recognized buildings. A global mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology (MEPT) engineering design firm, ME has engaged in the development and redevelopment of nearly all

July Spotlight:
Semi-Annual Commercial Real Estate Guide

New York, NY The New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) has published its July Spotlight, the 2020 Semi-Annual Commercial Real Estate Guide. This spotlight features eight companies:

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Office Furniture: About AFR Furniture Rental

What we’ve seen at AFR Furniture Rental during times of crisis is that many of our customers are looking to us to provide solutions. They’re not looking for promises, hyperbolic responses or empty promises, but rather honest assessments of their needs and

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Environmental Consulting: About Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp.

Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp. (MECC) was established in June of 2009 after being part of a larger engineering firm for almost 20 years. The focus of the company is to assist lending institutions, attorneys, real estate investors, and

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Energy Consultant: About Evolution Energy Partners

Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) is a full-service energy management, engineering, and consulting firm offering best-in-class sustainability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analytical solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Commercial Real Estate Lender: About NorthMarq

As a national capital markets firm, NorthMarq has a unique perspective on the capital options that borrowers large and small can consider for their borrowing needs. In addition to being a large GSE lender, NorthMarq represents more than 500 debt and equity sources,

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Commercial Real Estate Consulting: About Principals Direct Group

Principals Direct Group is a full-service commercial real estate consulting firm that focuses on increasing client profitability. The firm works exclusively with principals who own and operate income-producing properties.

Commercial Real Estate Guide: Roof Raising: E-Z Riser Roof Raising

E-Z Riser raises the existing roof of any commercial building to create taller clear heights that meet modern building requirements. This patented expansion process has revolutionized commercial real estate since 1972…

Corporate Milestones: Eastman Cooke: Envisioning a bright future

Eastman Cooke, 
Q&A with Peter Morandi, CEO, Eastman Cooke & IREON Member What milestone is Eastman Cooke celebrating in 2020?