Recent bank failures should lead to a more resilient banking system and help transform functionally obsolescent real estate - by Michael Zysman

The recent failure of some large regional banks has created ripple effects throughout the commercial real estate capital markets. Signature Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and First Republic Bank were the major casualties of the most recent banking crisis. These banks focused on providing premium

What Biden’s proposed change to 1031 Exchanges may mean for commercial real estate - by Michael Packman

The Biden administration has held a consistent position when it comes to 1031 Exchanges – they do not like them. Each annual budget proposal has included plans to substantially curb, if not eliminate, the value of 1031 Exchanges.

New York City taxing entire condominium and cooperative for individual renovations - by Peter Blond

Imagine yourself managing, no worse, owning a New York City condominium or cooperative while one or more residential units in the building recently completed gut renovations. Now, imagine these renovations - in the aggregate - are in the tens of millions of dollars. All sounds pretty ordinary

Debt cancellations and modifications - by Sandy Klein

The “R” word (recession) is back in vogue. The current economic climate marked by rising interest rates, bank failures and consequential stricter lending standards, is putting a damper on economic activity. Economic downturns have a direct correlation with debt servicing. This article takes

Enhancing accessibility: ADA compliance solutions for real estate - by William Gati

As the real estate community continues to develop and innovate, one crucial factor that property owners must address is accessibility. Accessibility in the built environment is a paramount concern that impacts millions of individuals with disabilities daily. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was

State of the Long Island office and retail sales market: Why nothing is for sale (examined) - by Ronald Kleinberg

Mention you are a physician to anyone within earshot and you will be barraged with a slew of health-related questions. Mention you are a commercial real estate broker and only one question comes to mind, how is the market? That is the question whose roots date back to the first

Building automation and artificial intelligence creates new cybersecurity threats - by Richard Luna

Cybersecurity threats are changing on a daily basis with criminals and bad actors constantly looking for vulnerabilities. Through the increased use of cloud applications, real estate managers and owners seek to enhance tenant and visitor experiences; they are, at the same time, creating new cybersecurity

After the New York City parking garage collapse - by C. Jaye Berger

Property owners will be surprised to hear that there are already new laws in place to cover the periodic inspection of parking garages not unlike Local Law 11 for facades.  It is also reminiscent of years ago when property managers would come up to the roof of co-op buildings

Parking garage condition assessments New York state and New York City requirements - by Chris Krepcio

In April, a parking garage collapsed in lower Manhattan, killing one person and injuring five others. While the cause is still under investigation, structural issues are believed to be to blame for the tragic collapse. Recent changes were put into effect to prevent future negligence and destruction

Industrial development agencies’ facilitating change and communities on the rise - by Stacey Duncan

Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) all across New York State serve a critical role in their region’s economic growth and community revitalization. In a glimpse, one can easily assume the economic impacts of IDAs stop with the traditional metrics such as the retention and creation