2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Harold Bordwin of Keen-Summit Capital Partners, LLC

Although it sounds like the punch line to a joke, in 2023, Harold Bordwin masterfully closed the sale of 3,450 acres in the Mojave Desert. This sale resolved a decades-long litigation. Through meticulous mediation and negotiation skills, he navigated disputes amongst, on the sell-side, two litigating parties and a receiver, and between them, on the one hand, and a buyer, on the other hand. Among the challenges that he helped resolve was the refusal of title companies to insure title.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Jonathan Kaufman Iger of Sage

As CEO of Sage, Jonathan Kaufman Iger develops and oversees Sage’s corporate strategy, operating strategy, and investment initiatives. Most recently, Jonathan directed the launch of several member experience initiatives; Sage Connected, Sage Services, Sage Social, and Sage Passport (which grants members access to every Oasis amenity space across the Sage Collection).

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Camille Renshaw of B+E

Founding B+E, the first tech-driven brokerage platform for net lease real estate. With offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte, Dallas, Orange County and San Francisco, their proprietary process affords greater speed, unrivaled transaction efficiencies, and stronger asset value, allowing virtually anyone to confidently trade net lease real estate.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Bob Knakal of JLL

Bob created The Knakal Map Room, a unique platform that presents a groundbreaking map featuring details of all Manhattan developments, including those under construction as well as planned and potential sites.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Brad Cronin of Cronin & Cronin Law Firm, PLLC

Due to initiatives implemented by Brad Cronin, our firm is able to respond quickly to struggling sectors of the real estate market to provide much needed tax relief. During and post Covid those initiatives resulted and continue to result in substantial tax reductions for the most impacted properties.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Howard Leiner of Arbor Realty Trust

Leiner’s team won a Fannie Mae DUS Technology Partner award in Q2 2023 for their work in developing new real estate lending application programming interfaces (APIs) for secure government-sponsored agency data exchange.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Guy Arad, Esq. of Romer Debbas LLP

Guy Arad, Esq. is a commercial real estate expert known for his creative vision and resourceful deal-making skills. Clients value his extensive knowledge and ability to anticipate challenges. Our firm is proud of Mr. Arad’s contributions.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Greg Corbin of Northgate Real Estate Group

15 years ago, Greg realized there was a distinct lack of real estate brokers who specialized in distressed assets, mainly properties in bankruptcy and foreclosure. To gain the expertise needed to become a top broker in this niche,  Greg dedicated a great deal of time to in-depth research and conversations with the most knowledgeable industry professionals. He attended classes, went to networking events, and took on small assignments to gain essential experience.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: John Halama of Emtec Consulting Engineers

John Halama has been an invaluable employee at Emtec Consulting Engineers contributing to both our office culture and surrounding communities. Mr. Halama specializes in electrical design and his work has been crucial for new developments, existing upgrades and renovations. His skillset in electrical infrastructure and fire alarm systems has been imp

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Jeffrey Levine of The Douglaston Companies

For over 40 years, Jeff has exemplified a record of success across a wide range of development types including affordable and senior housing, market-rate, mixed-income and mixed-use projects. Most recently, Douglaston delivered Manhattan’s largest new multifamily development, 3Eleven, inclusive of 703 market rate and 235 affordable residences to Manhattan’s evolving West Side.