2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Jack Martins of Harris Beach PLLC

Jack Martins was the mayor of Mineola when the village first developed the overlay zone. As mayor, Jack spearheaded transformative initiatives that remodeled the downtown area into a transit-oriented development hub. Over the past 10 years, more than 2,000 housing units have been added, more than any other village outside of NYC.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Howard Stein of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP

Howard Stein took the helm at Certilman Balin in the beginning of 2023. As a leader, he has a resilient character and does not shy away from personal or professional challenges, as he is solution-oriented, forward-thinking and optimistic. Having spent his entire career at the firm, his breadth of knowledge in commercial real estate is unsurpassed

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: James Vira AIA of VIRALINE Architecture LLP

Architect James Vira is becoming the real estate community’s most valuable new solution to buying and selling faster and strategically informed. Viraline has developed a significant breakthrough in achieving real estate profitability. James, architect and founder of Viraline, developed space analyzing methods that change the game for real estate owners and agents trying to market difficult spaces, by their analyses that visualizes and quantifies value.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Anthony Longo of AmeriCoil/Longo Filters

While running his commercial HVAC cleaning business (AmeriCoil), Anthony Longo recognized an opportunity to provide businesses with better quality air filters at a lower price by manufacturing his own air filters in house. Longo Filters, headquartered in Farmingdale, New York is Long Island’s only manufacturer of air filters.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Derek Peterson of Soter Technologies

Derek Peterson’s visionary leadership at Soter Technologies is evident in his creation of FlySense®, the world’s first vape and bully detection technology. His innovation addresses crucial safety concerns, making educational and corporate environments safer and healthier, exemplifying his commitment to advancing technology for a more secure world.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Jonathan Imani of IMC Architecture

Jonathan’s expertise and visionary approach to design are shown through his ability to create excellent, beautiful architecture while maximizing the zoning and functionality. He takes advantage of every square inch of available and allowed square footage to create visually stunning buildings, which is a very sought after skill in the highly regulated NYC market.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Adelaide Polsinelli of Compass

Adelaide’s visionary status is exemplified by her ability to adapt and innovate in response to market trends. Recognizing the tightening market, she orchestrated a strategic pivot from sales-only to a comprehensive real estate platform that included leasing of commercial and residential properties, broadening her service offerings and diversifying revenue streams.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Jonathan Gerstein of Olive Tree Holdings

Recently, Jonathan spearheaded the implementation of a robust data science discipline to Olive Tree Holdings’ market growth prediction, improving the firm’s fundamental metrics for investment selection and underwriting accuracy. Analysis that used to take weeks can now be done in minutes, giving Olive Tree a competitive edge and precise outlook.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Cory Rosenthal of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services

Cory recently joined Matthews and already made a significant contribution. In one month, he recruited over a dozen high-producing, well-established agents to the New York office and has vigorously promoted Matthews’ culture, resources, and support. He took a new opportunity, jumped in headfirst, and made an immediate impact.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: Lee Brodsky of BEB Capital

Lee led BEB Capital’s joint venture with Douglaston Development and Totem to build a 17-story mixed-income multifamily development at 1057 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Of the 456 units, 137 will be permanently affordable, a game-changing and impactful development at a time when the city needs more affordable housing.