2023 New York Real Estate Journal's
Women in Construction Real Estate Spotlight!

2023 New York Real Estate Journal's Women in Construction Real Estate Spotlight!

Navigating 1031 Exchanges in a rising interest rate environment - by Michael Packman

Prior to the July hike, the Fed held rates in June following increases of 25 basis points in February, March and May 2023, and 50 basis points in December 2022. These increases follow four consecutive increases of 75 basis points and increases of 50 basis points in May and 25 basis points in March 2022.

Real estate innovation – an opportunity - by Sandy Klein

Empty office buildings. It’s nearly three years since the “return to work” predictions began. However, for quite some time now desks remain empty, floors remain empty, offices remain empty and buildings remain empty. Tenants no longer have the same space requirements and are downsizing.

The long and winding road of cap rates - by John Rynne

In 1970 the Beatles released their last album together; “Let It Be”. On that album was a classic song; “The Long and Winding Road”. This memorable song also was released as a single and became the Beatle’s 20th number one single. Shortly after, the Beatles broke-up.

Navigating NYC’s Local Law 11: An essential guide for building owners - by William Gati

In the heart of New York City’s expansive and diverse architectural landscape lies a pivotal and non-negotiable regulatory system in safeguarding the urban fabric and the lives of its inhabitants and passersby. One such crucial regulation is Local Law 11, also known as the Facade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP)

Thoughts on avoiding damage due to crane collapse - by C. Jaye Berger

The city seems so crowded at times, it’s like we’re all working on top of one another. Now that a few weeks have passed since the crane collapse in New York City, hopefully, all of the affected parties have filed at least the first phone call with the relevant insurance carriers to start the process of trying to obtain demands for damages.

Greater Binghamton: A place for businesses to begin, grow, and thrive - by Stacey Duncan

Greater Binghamton has been home to companies who have left an indelible mark on our community. From companies such as Endicott Johnson, led by an innovative industrialist who prioritized the well-being of his workers; to companies like DICK’s Sporting Goods, who got their start in the City of Binghamton as a bait and tackle shop

Check out the Semi-Annual
Commercial Real Estate Guide!

Check out the Semi-Annual Commercial Real Estate Guide!

July 2023 Commercial Real Estate Guide, Commercial Real Estate Consulting: Principals Direct Group

Principals Direct Group is a full-service commercial Brokerage Consulting firm that solely works directly with principals who own and operate investment assets Our Mission is simple: To create value from a different perspective, whether our clients seek to build their portfolio, improve their performance

2023 Ones to Watch Industry Leaders: Tracy Dennis, Arbor Realty Trust

Number of years in CURRENT position: 3 3 skills that you use every day in your position: Active Listening, Problem Solving, Asking Questions