Total assets of business vs. real estate value trends - by John Rynne

Over my years in the appraisal field, one of the areas of confusion between appraisers and their clients are property types that have businesses highly connected to the real estate. There is a trend by clients to not necessarily want

Short-term rentals are big competition for hotels, upstart industry reaching limits of urban expansion - by Mark VanStekelenburg

Short-term rentals are now big competition for hotels, but the upstart industry is reaching the limits of urban expansion. At 16.8%, New York City is among markets with highest penetration of short-term rentals.

The “Dark Store” dilemma – When assessors disregard fee simple valuation - by Erin O’Brien

Presently pending before the New York State Senate is Bill Number A04752, or, “An act to amend the real property tax law, in relation to requiring assessors using the comparable sales, income capitalization or cost method for

How can landlords provide the amenities when rent regulations financially restrict them? - by Jordan Goldman

There’s a clear paradox between the increasing tenant demand for more amenities within residential buildings, and New York’s recently-passed Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019. How can landlords provide the

Potential implications of proposed mezzanine tax: Consequences for lenders and developers - by Rachel Orbach and Meghan O’Reilly

As the real estate industry continues to grapple with the effects of rent reform, new legislation was introduced last month to the New York State Legislature that stands to create further confusion and unintentionally

Why I’m investing significantly in the future of flexible office space - by Jonathan Wasserstrum

In the second half of 2019, if you went purely by the headlines you came across, you’d have thought that there was a crisis taking place in the world of coworking. Although there’s definitely been an increase in

Upholding your shopping centers’ value in 2020 and beyond - by Richard Birdoff

It’s no secret that e-commerce has grown exponentially and continues to have an impact on the retail industry, as seen by store closings and liquidations. Due to the added value e-commerce is offering shoppers, it’s likely that

Building owners: Preserve your building’s reputation by being proactive - by Bud Hammer

When someone is not comfortable in a commercial building, whether they are too hot or too cold, they will make their frustration known. No one ever says, “I am so comfortable today!” If occupants are wearing their

A blueprint for economic investment in Broome County - by Stacey Duncan

Our recently published Annual Economic Outlook Guide projects the growth and expansion of business in Broome County, with nearly half of the business leaders predicting increased sales revenues and hiring. This optimism is

Sustainability: What’s trending and the environmental benefits of renting furniture - by Ron Lanzo

To all my loyal followers and readers who have become accustomed to my articles about “What to Rent and Look Who’s Renting What,” I’ll focus this article on sustainability.