An experienced architect or interior designer will get your condominium or co-op renovation completed - by C. Jaye Berger

When most people think about renovating their co-op or condominium apartment, they focus on what it is going to cost and who is going to do the design work. Obviously, those are essential issues, but there is a lot more to the process. A good architect or interior designer

The real estate industry in Queens, NY today: An overview - by William Gati

Queens, N.Y. is one of the five boroughs of New York City and is the largest of all the boroughs by area. It is home to over 2.4 million people, making it one of the most populated counties in the United States. The real estate industry in Queens has grown significantly over

New York state energy policy: Cart before the horse? - by John Rynne

I’ve always been fascinated with energy sources that were non fossil fuels. I grew up less than 14 miles from the hydro electric power plants in and near Niagara Falls. When I was young boy I thought that there must be a way to harness the sun’s energy. I

The value of single tenant net lease in an inflationary environment - by Michael Packman

Despite rising interest rates and an inflationary environment, the U.S. economy continues to defy expectations. Consumer spending is fueling GDP growth, and jobless rates, while still climbing, are by historical standards low and reflective of a labor

Any increase to assessed values to commercial properties will hamper the likelihood of securing new or better tenants - by Peter Blond

The New York City Department of Finance published the 2023/24 real estate tax assessment roll on January 17th. Per the city’s press release, the aggregate taxable assessed value of all properties increased by a relatively modest 4.4%. Considering the

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February 2023 Contributing Authors Spotlight

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January 2023 Commercial Real Estate Guide, Legal Services: Schroder & Strom

Founded in 2000, Schroder & Strom has built an unparalleled reputation and a team of 11 attorneys with well over 150 years of combined expertise in the area of real estate tax law.

January 2023 Commercial Real Estate Guide, Commercial Real Estate Consulting: Principals Direct Group

Principals Direct Group is a full-service commercial Brokerage Consulting firm that solely works directly with principals who own and operate investment assets Our Mission is simple: To create value from a different perspective, whether our clients seek to build their portfolio, improve their performance

January 2023 Commercial Real Estate Guide, Environmental Consulting: Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp.

Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp. (MECC) was established in June of 2009 after being part of a larger engineering firm for almost 20 years. The focus of the company is to assist lending institutions, attorneys, real estate investors, and property owners with environmental concerns.

January 2023 Commercial Real Estate Guide, Roof Raising: E-Z Riser Roof Raising

E-Z Riser raises the existing roof of any commercial building to create taller clear heights that meet modern building requirements. This patented expansion process has revolutionized commercial real estate since 1972.