Market value or price – When does market value stop and price takes over? - John Rynne

At a recent seminar I attended, a discussion ensued about market value and price.

How Hurricane Harvey will affect insurance premiums for property owners nationwide - by Izzy Green and Sol Eisenberg

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the state of Texas is facing catastrophic housing, auto and business losses. Hurricane Harvey has already forced more than 30,000 people into shelters.

Queens investment property prices edge up in 1H17, multifamily assets flourish in Flushing - by Daniel Wechsler and David Baruch

Queens real estate investors relished positive returns in the first half of 2017 as property prices appreciated despite a slowdown in sales activity.

The search for what to rent next continues and the possibilities appear limitless - by Ron Lanzo

Those of you who have followed my articles have come to know that I’m always on the lookout for what products and services to rent even when I’m not actually at work.

Investment, expansion, workforce and startups in Broome County: Defining our economy - by Kevin McLaughlin

We realize the key to driving Broome County’s economy forward lies in understanding the things that drive and define our economy: investment, expansion, workforce and startups.

IRC Section 1031 exchanges: Three considerations for successful real estate investors - by Valeria Kozhich and Ashley Charen

The experience of owning and operating real estate in New York City has undergone major changes in recent decades.

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New York Commercial Real Estate Guide: Roof Raising - NYREJ

Space Technology Inc. (STI) lifts the existing roof of an industrial building, intact, to two or three times its original height. By elevati...

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Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp. (MECC) is located in Hauppauge, New York and provides environmental consulting to the real estate ind...

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