2017 Women in Building Services: Nancy Erardi, NYCAN Builders LLC

How have you navigated obstacles to achieve success in your career? The first step in navigating obstacles is identifying them. Every project has obstacles. Once you recognize the hurdle, you plan and navigate the resources to overcome them quickly and efficiently. Never…

2017 Women in Building Services: Katie Perloski, Trace Pool Design, A Division of Lothrop Associates

What trends are you seeing so far this year?  A major trend in the pool market is the inclusion of amenity spaces with swimming pools such as lap pools, whirlpool spas, mineral pools, cold plunge pools, doggie pools, spray pads, steam and saunas, hammams, water features: waterfalls, water tables, water fountains, and sculptural features…

October Spotlight: 2017 Women in Building Services

Norwell, MA The New York Real Estate Journal recently honored women specializing in areas of building services. The October 17th Spotlight e...

New accounting standard to change how leased real estate reported on financial statements - by Paul Becht

A new accounting standard will significantly change the way leased real estate is reported on financial statements.

Commercial property energy conservation measures and combined heat and power technology - by Nancy Colella

Commercial property owners are the true stakeholders toward making a difference to the future propensity of a sustainable lifestyle push on Long Island, for Long Island.

Be prepared for important changes in the Housing Maintenance Code beginning in October - by Peter Goldstein

A number of important changes in the Housing Maintenance Code will be taking place within the next few months, some as early as October 1, 2017. Owners and managers must make the necessary adjustments to avoid violations and penalties if the changes aren’t made.

Overview of the commercial real estate market surrounding the JFK Airport area - by Joann Saul

With virtually no significant vacant space returning, the JFK Airport Market continued to tighten through MY17.

Development in Willets Point neighborhood of Queens stalled because a parking lot is park land - by Rolfe Haas

Willets Point. It’s a relatively small project with only 5,500 planned housing units, a school, a megamall and community facilities on 70 acres, right next the CitiField, the Mets Stadium.

Real estate strategies for retail businesses in a changing world: Leases vs. license - by Bernie Kennedy

What will be the likely effect of this most recent threat to traditional retail stores, and how are retailers to respond?

Examining invisible urban pollution and its effect on real estate value in New York City - by William Gati

The real estate industry’s increased attention to invisible urban pollution can make important changes in residential and commercial environments.