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Tishman Speyer and Common launch Kin in Long Island City

New York, NY Tishman Speyer and Common have launched Kin, one of the country’s first residential brands made for families living in and near cities. Kin buildings will feature custom-designed shared spaces with family programming and events, on-demand childcare and more.

Blockchain: The future of the real estate industry - by Stephen King

Blockchain is most basically defined as “a distributed, decentralized, public ledger,” and is easiest to think of as a series of unique data points – or blocks – that are forever built upon, forming an unbreakable chain. Do you remember the handwritten cards in the back of a library book?

Following five protocols to achieve reliable and successful smart buildings - by Walt Herring and Nora Swanson

The ultimate Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Building dream is having an abundance of devices and sensors deployed across a building, interacting with one another to proactively and analytically respond to various events, needs, and desires. The device and sensor markets are ripe with products to fulfill...

The dawn of Generation Z in the workplace: Businesses need to create spaces generation needs - by Megan Spinos

While appealing to Millennials has dominated the workplace conversation in recent years, a new group, Generation Z, is on its way to transform how organizations conduct day-to-day business. With members of Generation Z entering the workforce by 2020,

Innovation in life safety design for New York City historic or landmark buildings - by Daniel Colombini

What is of value is worth protecting. That is the fundamental premise in protecting buildings and their occupants and contents. In life safety design for buildings, the most valuable asset is human capital; the building is secondary to the people in it.

Fire safety code shortfalls and compliance: Do not get busted by your insurance company - by George Crawford

Insurance companies are busting clients left and right over fire safety code shortfalls. On the one hand, nobody wants to be caught in the line of fire. On the other hand, hard to read code regulations are  good candidates for the back burner.

Meeting the needs of Millennials and Boomers in transit-oriented workforce housing - by Nate Kline

During the past decade, millennials have flocked to larger cities to take advantage of abundant employment opportunities and an environment of restaurants, shopping, culture and community. The ability to use mass transit in place of a car has added to the appeal.

PWC’s professional development advisory council hosts panel on IPD

New York, NY International Women’s Day was Friday, March 8th this year, and Professional Women in Construction’s Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC) hosted an informational panel on integrated project delivery to celebrate!

Design-build: Engineered for success - by Jay Simson

ACEC New York believes in the value of project delivery systems that guide the design of public and private facilities, are in the best interest of the owner, utilize a Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) procedure for the selection of design professionals...

Greater New York IREM holds breakfast meeting on March 27th

New York, NY On Wednesday, March 27th, the IREM Greater New York chapter held a breakfast meeting at the Union League Club featuring a panel discussion about the latest rules and regulations about elevator door safety, especially in light of the January 1, 2020 deadline