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Madison Realty Capital developing 280,000 s/f Union Crossing project

Bronx, NY In September, The New York Times reported on the building boom in the South Bronx. Since then, developers have been flooding to the area, bringing about new residential

Orient Development’s Ammann receives TCO

Manhattan, NY The Ammann, a new condominium development at 40 Pinehurst Ave., on the corner of 179th St. in Hudson Heights, has received its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO), enabling buyers to close

Westchester IDA approves incentives for $95 million apartment project

White Plains, NY The Westchester County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has approved resolutions of intent to provide financial incentives for a $95 million apartment complex to be built

What every commercial and residential real estate broker needs to know about property taxes - by David Wilkes

Real estate brokers – for both commercial and single-family residential properties – often regard property taxes as potential deal-killers for one of two reasons. In the first scenario, based on potential sale value,

New York City Green New Deal’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Bill - by Jeff Rios and Charlie Marino

On Earth Day, NYC’s mayor’s office and city council unveiled NYC’s Green New Deal referred to as “The Climate Mobilization Act,” a package of bills to reduce NYC’s carbon emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 (aka 80x50). 

“Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life” – It’s a journey worth taking - by Steven Schleider

We did not coin the headline of this article. It’s the title of a brilliant documentary about the relationship between the natural world and built environment; how deprivation from being around nature negatively affects us; and how being around nature is beneficial to our health, state of mind and productivity. 

City council passes Int No. 1253: A required reduction of Greenhouse Gasses in NYC by 80% - by George Crawford

The city council has just passed Int No. 1253, which is awaiting the mayor’s signature as this article is written. The bottom line is that by 2050, there will be a required reduction of Greenhouse Gasses in New York City of 80%. To achieve this mandated goal, buildings will be evaluated on the basis

The Rudin Family completes lobby redesign/renovation at 55 Broad Street; Architect for project was Fogarty Finger

Manhattan, NY The Rudin Family, one of New York City’s leading owners, operators and developers of privately owned real estate, has completed construction of the redesigned lobby of its 30-story office building at 55 Broad St.

IREM earns 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year award

Washington, DC The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has received the 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award for energy efficiency programs that feature...

PWC’s PDAC committee to hold professional development event on May 9th; Seminar to be led by Panarello of Careers Advance

New York, NY Professional Women in Construction’s PDAC committee is excited to introduce its second professional development event on ...