TICKETECH launches the new Ultra system

November 09, 2012 - Design / Build

Mauricio Cotto, TICKETECH

TICKETECH has introduced its latest software, TICKETECH Ultra. The new system builds upon innovations in earlier versions to further increase flexibility, customization, security of payment and ease of use. It is the latest in TICKETECH's line of technology advances reshaping the operations landscape for parking garages and bringing a heightened level of efficiency and control to the industry. TICKETECH systems power large attended parking garages and lots as well as hotel, hospital, and off-airport facilities in the metro area and other dense urban markets throughout the nation.
"We are committed to providing the highest level of service, support and technology in the industry," said TICKETECH COO Mauricio Cotto. "In an age where technology is constantly evolving, we continue to improve, develop and expand our services. The Ultra platform combines state-of-the-art technology with an intuitive user-experience, allowing for stronger control over data and information."
Ultra's features and robust data management center streamline the operations of valet/attended parking facilities and can help to increase revenue. The Ultra system was developed to help owners and operators automate functions and collect and analyze data on such diverse aspects as: monitoring traffic flow to determine workforce scheduling; competitive rate setting; and measuring the effectiveness of coupons and, more recently, mobile app promotions. Built on a secure, flexible platform to ensure maximum compatibility and communication with third-party applications, the TICKETECH system includes remote support to speed troubleshooting and a user-friendly interface that can be used by employees at all levels. A fleet of in-house technicians and off-site personnel are able to service any facility, providing a superior level of customer service and comfort.

"Parking operations used to be centered on the garage or lot. In today's mobile world, with powerful technology in the hands of consumers, customers seek apps that influence their decisions well in advance of any transaction. Ultra's interface capabilities power these important connections," commented TICKETECH principal Joseph Daniel Kasman.

Ultra's special features include a touch screen or enhanced keyboard functionality and user access controls that aid both attendants and parkers in multiple ways including preventing theft and easing coupon redemption. TICKETECH has long offered cutting-edge software and equipment to clients. Its prior platforms, including the popular PLUS, were at the forefront of technology at the time of their release, and are now easily upgraded to the Ultra platform.

TICKETECH is the largest supplier of revenue control equipment and services for attended parking facilities in New York City, serving clients throughout the Northeast. For over 40 years, the TICKETECH system has improved operational efficiency by enhancing the ability of operators to collect and analyze data and streamline transaction processing. TICKETECH products are designed with the flexibility to be integrated into third party systems. TICKETECH manages a sophisticated online data center that provides web-based information management and reporting to parking garage owners and operators.

For more information about TICKETECH, please call 718-786-6988 or visit www.ticketech.com.
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