Terwilliger & Bartone commits to habitat restoration and stormwater management as essential elements in all projects; supported by SMPIL Consulting, Ltd.

February 02, 2021 - Long Island

Farmingdale, NY Terwilliger & Bartone Properties, a LI-based builder of luxury rental communities, has committed to habitat restoration and stormwater management as essential elements in all their projects. As noted by managing partner, Fran Terwilliger, “We grew up here. We live here. We know that it is Long Island’s natural beauty that draws people here. When we build, we will work to rebuild local nature at the same time.” 

Terwilliger & Bartone are being supported in this initiative by SMPIL Consulting, Ltd., a LI-based specialist in ecological restoration and stormwater management. Founding partner Frank Piccininni said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to help ‘rewild’ Terwilliger & Bartone’s properties. This process begins with identifying and conserving existing native habitat and developing and executing plans that enhance and restore ecological structure and function.”     

For example, for both the Cornerstone Patchogue project, and the project proposed for West Islip, Terwilliger and Bartone are committed to connecting the rental complexes to the larger community, and that begins with connecting it through nature.   

Aptly put by managing partner Anthony Bartone, “We are dedicated to building for the future. We believe that in that future, we will have to make space for nature. It is what nature needs and what our tenants will want. If you can build homes for songbirds while building homes for people, you will have done well.” 



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