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March 24, 2014 - Spotlights

Jeffrey Allen, Space Technology, Inc.

Space Technology Inc. (STI) lifts the existing roof of an industrial building, intact, to two or three times its original height. By elevating the roof at the rate of one foot every hour, STI can double or triple the capacity of a warehouse quickly and inexpensively.
Imagine the value and marketability gained by transforming an old, obsolete-height structure into a modern, high-cube facility, virtually overnight.
The entire roof (or just a section) is lifted as a single unit. Lighting, heating, sprinkler systems, and roof-mounted equipment remain attached to the roof, and rise undisturbed. The actual roof lifting process can be completed in as little as a single day.
Roof lifting yields increased size, efficiency and building value without demolition costs, without increasing taxes based on square footage, and without increasing the facility's parking space requirements. STI provides the real estate industry and building owners with this unique technology and service: the patented E-Z Riser® process.
This unique procedure has been providing ceiling height increases, safely, successfully, and economically since 1972. It is important to note that this procedure inherently maintains complete structural stability at all times, avoiding the need for temporary shoring and resulting floor-anchor damage. Permanent full-height steel column sleeves are utilized, which lift the roof while continuously maintaining the original building support. This process has a 100% safety record, as proven by its implementation even in facilities that must be OCCUPIED during preparation and lifting, WITHOUT any serious work disruption.
Imagine how many properties can now be purchased, leased or sold, that were previously deemed functionally obsolete. Imagine how many prospective tenants and clients can be attracted to sites that previously could not earn serious consideration.
Real Estate Brokers, Industrial Developers, individual Users, and National Retailers, have been using this tool to create space, add value, upgrade marketability, and to attract and retain tenants. When they calculate the exceptionally short time for their return on investment, it becomes clear why this revolutionary concept is creating such an impact. STI offers free cost estimates, nationwide.
Space Technology, Inc., Jeffrey Allen, 631-491-8500, 800-784-3150, [email protected],


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