Ones to Watch Fall 2022: Trisha Connolly, Avison Young

November 22, 2022 - Spotlights
Trisha Connolly
Principal, COO, U.S. Cap. Markets Grp.
Avison Young

Tell us about a mentor or role model that has influenced your career choices?

It has become apparent as I continue to grow professionally and personally that my role model is Angela Connolly, my mom. I grew up with a mother who managed to do it all, and still does, for her family and her community. As a well-respected politician, she continues to receive high profile accolades in her career, one being Top 100 Most Influential People of Iowa, First Female in many cases throughout her career, and has shaped the political landscape in Des Moines. She continues to work harder as a politician serving her constituents as well as her family.

I am not only proud to be her daughter, but lucky. Having a role model like her proves to me that I can have it all and to continue to fight for everything that comes my way. Push through the glass ceiling, manage to build a family and provide for that family, while maintaining your seat at the table no matter where that table is. I strive to be the best leader I can be for my team and family, starting every day with a positive attitude and clean slate, as my dad loves to remind me, today is a great day to make money.

What 3 skills do you consider the most important to be successful in your industry?

1. Listen; continuing to be a better listener.

2. Confidence/Leadership; demonstrate to your clients and team that you possess the courage, and capacity, to do what it takes in your decision making. They will eventually build the confidence to do the same.

3. Time Management; our jobs are demanding and fire drills occur on a regular basis. Maintaining your schedule, to do lists, setting up meetings with your team to connect on a personal level and making time for your clients, managing your time wisely but efficiently. I have found that rather than meeting someone for lunch, I will suggest let’s grab a smoothie and go for a walk, we can multitask, get a few steps in and our conversation can get done much more efficiently.

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