Mancini Duffy reaches its 100th anniversary

July 18, 2017 - Design / Build

New York, NY Reaching a milestone that few architecture offices achieve—its 100th anniversary—Mancini Duffy is celebrating in an unexpected fashion: the firm is in the process of reinventing itself. More than a rebranding effort, Mancini Duffy is seeking to transform the industry through changing the way design is developed and delivered, starting with its own practice.

As it enters its second century, new leadership at Mancini Duffy is energizing the studio and positioning it at the forefront of the field. Mancini Duffy president Christian Giordano is the force behind this expanded direction. 

Giordano is implementing innovation throughout the firm, modeling its ethos and operations on that of its nimble, forward-leaning tech and media clients.  

“Mancini Duffy has set a standard for merging great design and smart business practices, and we will carry that forward,” said Giordano. “We are going to continue to be a fantastic, progressive firm where the overall happiness of our team elevates our work and our service to our clients and the community.”

One measure of Mancini Duffy’s commitment to the future is its Design Lab, a new, in-house incubator of applied research that is driven by state-of-the art technologies. Giordano sees the Design Lab as a long-term investment to achieve meaningful progress in the practice of architecture. One of its initial projects is “The Modern House,” a wide-ranging investigation into the potential of domestic design.

In another example of its entrepreneurial spirit, Mancini Duffy is setting aside the traditional seniority-based model for career development, and promotes its younger designers based on initiative and merit. To attract and retain talented staff members, the firm has created a supportive, progressive culture that empowers its people to do their best work—a structure that ultimately benefits its clients.

This approach has already seen success, as evidenced by the studio’s recent projects in the fast-changing commercial sector, where its clients include Peloton, AOL, KPMG, and Somerset Development. For these and other clients, ManciniDuffy is drawing on its expertise to reinvent the nature of today’s office, turning it into a “destination workplace” that is centered on the needs of the occupants and users of the space.

Building upon its substantial history and looking ahead to an exciting future, Mancini Duffy is poised to bring new levels of creative solutions to its clients while encouraging independence and excellence among its staff.



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