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May 06, 2011 - Spotlights
The real estate industry has always been a magnet for talent and creativity. Exceptionally broad and fluid, it's easy to enter, and, from humble beginnings within it great fortunes have been made. It's complex and dynamic, a source of endless enrichment. Its impacts on society, the economy, and the environment are huge. It generates a host of public policy issues, on scales ranging from local to global.

Recently rolled by financial shocks, still facing large uncertainties, and challenged by increasingly urgent sustainability goals, it is adapting to change of historic proportions.

Now, more than ever, the Newman Real Estate Institute has a vital role to play. Through our varied programs and extensive networking, we're steadily building a lively community of professionals who share a passion for real estate and a commitment to the civic realm.

Our education programs help real estate professionals advance their careers and equip newcomers to enter what is one of the world's premier real estate markets. Our continuing education curses, approved by New York State, and our major certificate programs are geared to evolving market conditions. Our instructors are leading practitioners whose field experience enriches our curriculum.

Researchers drawn from CUNY and other leading academic institutions and industry explore urban issues critical to the real estate industry and the formulation of public policy. We share their findings widely through publications and public events. The distinguished members of our Research Roundtable help us shape a research agenda responsive to both urgent and long-term real-world needs.

Our public events offer a forum for presenting timely research findings, for convening experts whose insights advance the thinking in their fields, and for fostering productive working relationships.

Sustainability initiatives crosscut our mission areas - and only grow in importance. We offer a Certificate in Sustainability, and we've integrated sustainability content into our Construction Management and Facilities Management Certificate Programs. Our research reports address sustainability issues. Our Sustainability Shoptalk Series is gaining wide attention as a source of savvy insider knowledge that's accelerating citywide progress toward sustainability goals.

Across the board, these efforts make the Institute an exciting place to be! We invite you to join us.

Degree and non-degree programs offered at the undergraduate, graduate, executive, and doctoral levels by Baruch College's Real Estate Department offer other options students may want to explore.

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