BOMA New York: The 2020 Journey from Adversity to Greatness

December 01, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers
2020 Timeline

New York, NY We roared into 2020 after a record-breaking year of member programming, healthy occupancy levels, strong employment numbers, and unprecedented economic growth. As we planned for the inaugural Pinnacle Awards, expanded educational offerings, and multiple seminars–no one anticipated the impending virus and the major shifts in daily life as a result.

Fortunately, BOMA New York has always been in the driver’s seat–leading and advocating on behalf of the collective commercial real estate industry. 2020 was no different. CLICK HERE to view our 2020 timeline.

As early as March 4th, BOMA New York transitioned from planned in-person programming to a consistent and comprehensive digital platform. We connected with our partner organizations throughout the city to ensure the message to all of New York was clear and consistent.

For more than 50 years, we’ve experienced multiple economic cycles, social unrest and development booms. At each crossroad, BOMA NY has always been where it needs to be–adding value every day.

Today and looking forward, BOMA NY membership is more important than ever. As we near the end of 2020, we thank you for your continued engagement and collaboration. We will continue to play the vital role of leading and advocating in a perpetual changing environment. Please do your part and protect your investment by continuing to invest in BOMA New York.



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