25 Year Anniversary Q&A: Jeffrey Pliskin

August 26, 2014 - Spotlights

Jeffrey Pliskin, Pliskin Realty and Dev., Inc./Zenith Mgmt., LLC

Name: Jeffrey Pliskin
Title: President
Company Name: Pliskin Realty and Development, Inc., and Zenith Management, LLC
Year Founded: 1987
Years with Company: 27
Years in real estate industry: 31
Q: The approximate number of years you have been a subscriber and/or how the NYREJ has been a benefit to you and/or your business:
A: I have been a subscriber somewhere around 20 years. A great benefit because it informs me as to what is going on in my market and in other markets, what the new trends are, what my competitors are up to, knowledge that I can put into use about technology and efficiencies, and it's a great place to promote your business, through articles and advertisements.
Q: The approximate year you discovered the NYREJ and what business you were in at the time:
A: Probably around 20 years ago and I was in the real estate business. Before having my own development, brokerage and management company, I was a real estate attorney. So I have spent my entire professional career in the real estate business.
Q: Your most memorable or favorite "15 minutes of fame" in the NYREJ :
A: NYREJ did a thorough front page piece on the deal I handled for the bankruptcy sale of the Upper East Side Marriott Courtyard to Robert Johnson's company. It was accompanied by my picture and my colleagues pictures - NYREJ instantly became my favorite CRE industry publication!


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