2024 Ones to Watch Rising Stars: John Snee, SAB Capital

February 27, 2024 - Spotlights
John Snee
Senior Associate | Investment Sales
SAB Capital

“John is an exemplary real estate professional at SAB Capital. In the first few years of his career, John has led SAB Capital’s Affordable Housing division. His commitment to success is demonstrated by his ‘first one in, last one out’ work ethic and the notable transactions he facilitated with Affordable Housing investors nationwide.” - Doug Hervey, Marketing Manager at SAB Capital.

Who are the key people in your life that have contributed to your success? 

My parents have been a consistent support system throughout my life and my career. Also, I recognize my college football coach as a large contributor for instilling the necessary discipline to achieve success. I, of course, also attribute my success immensely to the leadership provided by the partners at SAB Capital.

Outside of your career, where? else do you seek continuous learning and personal growth?? Learning something new and spending time outside are two important factors to my continued growth. I made some time to pick up golf. I also enjoy keeping up with current events and podcasts to keep my mind open both for improvement and new perspectives.

How do you balance your rising career with your personal life? I try to keep things simple. I maintain a small circle of close friends and family and prioritize spending quality time with them. I believe that minimizing distractions increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Beyond your professional achievements, what are some of your passions or hobbies? Exercise can be a form of therapy and helps start my day on the right foot. Outside of work or the gym I enjoy reading and tracking college football. Keeping my body and mind strong allows me to strive for more in my personal and professional life.

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