2023 Ones to Watch Rising Stars: Emily Lettieri, Connect Commercial Real Estate

May 16, 2023 - Spotlights
Emily Lettieri
Vice President 
Connect Commercial Real Estate

Number of years at firm: 6.5

What recent project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of? Connect served as a full-service agency for KBS Direct – KBS’ direct investment platform. They were looking to shift their strategy to raise capital directly from accredited investors and through crowdfunding channels rather than an institutional approach. From compliance to investor relations, marketing, strategy, messaging, and reporting, I led this project, working on strategy, managing my internal team and the client, and overseeing projects and deadlines. In less than a year, we brought 59,000 new visitors to their website (which we designed, wrote copy for and built) and lifted their monthly visit count from less than 1,000 users to over 8,000. 

What makes this nominee a RISING STAR? 

“Emily has grown by leaps and bounds as a leader in the CRE industry, effectively guiding her team and her clients to successfully achieve business goals. She is a respected marketing strategist and operational leader who drives ROI and new business for her clients and Connect Commercial Real Estate.” - Daniel Ceniceros, CEO at Connect Commercial Real Estate

One thing on my bucket list: I want to travel to every continent in the world. I have always been fascinated by different cultures and ways of life, and I believe that traveling is the best way to learn. I have already been to Asia, and several places in North and South America, and I am eager to explore the rest of the world. I would love to visit Europe, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. I believe that traveling to every continent would be an amazing experience that would broaden my horizons and make me a more well-rounded person – there is so much we can learn from others. In addition, part of my role within Connect is to run our Connect Conferences division (conferences we put on across the country for the commercial real estate industry), as well as to put on white label events for clients – property showings, leasing events, topping off events, to name a few. I believe traveling more will also benefit my career as an event planner. I’ll have the opportunity to see new things and experience new cultures, and this will help spark creativity and allow me to continue to think outside the box when planning conferences.

When I am not working, I am: Reading, reading, reading – psychological thrillers, historical fiction, anything I can get my hands on. Going to spin classes – it’s my place to escape, clear my mind and reset. It’s also my favorite place to mentally sort through and organize my to-do list. I leave energized and with a clear plan of attack, rather than a daunting task list. Taking in Broadway shows – I especially love musicals and can sing all of the words to: Rent, Jersey Boys and Wicked, which are at the top of my list (although no one should have to hear me sing!). Exploring neighborhoods and areas in the city and close by – mineral baths in Saratoga Springs, eating great Italian food on Arthur Avenue, hitting up SingleCut, a fun indoor/outdoor local brewery in Astoria – to name a few.



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