Year in Review 2018: Rod Santomassimo, The Massimo Group

December 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name & Title: Rod Santomassimo, Founder and President

Company Name: The Massimo Group

Address: 108 Colt Bridge Court, Cary, NC 27519


Social Media: 

  • Twitter: MassimoGroup, 
  • Facebook: Massimo Group, 
  • Instagram: Massimo Group


What was your most notable project, deal, transaction or professional achievement in 2018?
We had numerous accomplishments in 2018, including growing our team to 26 certified CRE coaches and our clients earning a record amount in commissions and fees. We expanded our service offerings to mortgage brokerage and banking, and held 2 sold-out live events, and several private events, including one exclusive event with Chase Bank.

What was the best decision that you made in 2018 and how did it impact your business?
As a team we decided to offer a larger live event in November of this year. The work effort to market and orchestrate this was overwhelming at times, but ultimately it was sold out, and the reviews were phenomenal. In addition, we secured a record number of new clients directly from this event. We plan on offering two live events in 2019: One in Orlando in April, and one in Phoenix in November.

What market trend(s) will impact your industry in 2019?
Increase interest rates, uncertainty of stock markets and potential stale mates in our government can all negatively impact consumer confidence, market values and general transaction velocity. On the other hand, the continued development, and leveraging of technology could initiate a decline in the number of transaction-oriented professionals and stimulate a need for more originators and those performing an advisory/consultative role. 

What was an unexpected event that occurred in 2018, and how did it impact your career or personal life?
For me it was the unexpected resignation of our COO, who has an incredible opportunity to expand a generational business with his family. We are so happy for him, but it did present a challenge for me to re-evaluate everything, from our processes to our programs, which meant more time focusing on the business itself, versus exploring growth opportunities. This will require a lot more time in the trenches, but I am looking forward to this. I am excited to see what will come out on the other end and where the Massimo Group will grow.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolution(s)?
Probably too many to include here. I have several personal ones, yet professionally I want to continue to expand our coaching platform within the commercial real estate sector, inclusive of real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, and banking. Additionally, I would like to finish and deliver my next book, which is focused on the independent worker, and how they can build wealth, during the first half of 2019.


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