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May 26, 2015 - Green Buildings

George Crawford, Green Partners

With the latest generation of LED products becoming available, there are continued advancements in LED technology where the products consume less energy, give more light, and have longer service lives. With these new improved products, going LED has now graduated to a lighting upgrade, not a replacement. Please note, however, that these newer LED products are not generally available at retail levels. Retail LED tends to be older generation products. To source newer products, you need to work with a lighting expert who has direct relationships with manufacturers and distributors. Note that both Con Ed and PSEG continue to offer significant funding for LED projects. Think in terms of paybacks in one year - certainly less than two.
Some examples of new LED products with wide application include:
* The "Anything Tube:" A new LED replacement lamp that works either as a replacement for a T12 with a magnetic ballast or other fluorescents with electronic ballasts.
* The "Troffer Kit:" A kit for upgrading 2X4 and 2x2 fluorescent ceiling fixtures. The kit uses the existing back box and includes a new face with a direct/indirect lighting feature.
* The "Circleline:" A replacement for a 40W fluorescent in a circleline fixture. The 15W LED provides a higher light level, better color rendering, and longer life.
* Wireless controls: Wireless control of individual fixtures is a technology that increases opportunities for additional savings and lengthens service life.
When considering a LED upgrade, be sure you have an understanding of the playing field, so you get it right. Remember there is an up-front investment before the savings and the funding kick in. Think in terms of dividing your project into separate parts. The first involves the selection of product(s) to be included. LED products selected for your project will need to meet criteria specific to your upgrade.
The second part involves funding and financing (up front financing is available as an option). Funding incentives can cover a significant portion of your project. Funding requirements, however, include protocols that must be met. Complying with all of the funding requirements may require expert assistance. Remember funding sources are making a substantial contribution to your project and have a financial interest in a successful outcome.
The message is that LED upgrades work, but be sure you bring needed expertise to your project. Connect with a reliable expert who has a proven track record of successful projects, including LED product as well as funding. For more info go to - www.greenpartnersny.com.
George Crawford is the principal of Green Partners, New York, N.Y.


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