Executive of the Month: As president of Dallien Realty, Nile Lundgren leads an elite force of experts through sound guidance and expertise

September 22, 2014 - New York City

Nile Lundgren, Dallien Realty

Shown is Dallien's latest project: They are managing the exclusive leasing of the redevelopment of 41 West 24th Street, New York, NY.

This December, Nile Lundgren, the president of Dallien Realty and the agents will celebrate more than the holiday season. December, 2014 will mark the two year anniversary of the official launching of Dallien Realty.
With a population of 8,405,837 people, New York City has an abundance of it all, including a flood of real estate companies promising potential homeowners the home of their dreams. However, Dallien Realty's unique approach to real estate has this firm standing heads above the crowds.
In 2012, Nile Lundgren brought with him the expertise garnered from years in the brokerage industry. He started working in now-hot areas of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy Brooklyn where he worked for a private landlord. Soon after he transitioned to Manhattan where he quickly rose through the ranks and become a top producer at an Ivy-league residential brokerage firm. Leveraging his success on the residential side of the business he switched to the commercial side, becoming an investment sales broker at Freidman Roth Realty. It was that move that led him to partner with his biggest client, Greg and Graham Jones of GRJ, to form Dallien Realty. When Greg and Graham purchased and reposition the three building package at 50-58 East 3rd St. in 2012 the three had a vision for building a top notch brokerage. "With over 50 total units to come online in 2013, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to form the brokerage and a partnership," Lundgren recalls. And the story of Dallien began.
"2013 was a building year, where we focused on the marketing and leasing of 50-58 East 3rd St. and building a core set of agents within the firm. Although releasing over 50 units in year was terrific, the real estate market was so hot that the volume of sales transactions was surprising." The firm continues to build on their success, having made their mark in the industry with the marketing and leasing of 50-58 East 3rd St., which they branded the "EV3" for three buildings in the east village on 3rd St. With an elegant and highly publicized red carpet release party, the firm achieved some of the highest price points in the building and in the East Village.
Following the success of this launch, the fall of 2014 will see Dallien Realty release ten apartment flats at 41 West 24th St., which will be branded the "Madison Park Flats: (www.madisonparkflats.com). "It's a pleasure to work with and represent GRJ because the quality of their work is top notch from top to bottom. We are extremely excited about this project's location as we believe that 24th street is one of the quietest blocks in the midst of Flatiron's growing popularity." Dallien will set up an on-site leasing office and will host a release party with hopes of garnering as much interest to the project up until the release this fall.
Added to these successful projects, they have closed multiple sales deals with the firm representing both buyers and sellers alike. It is this string of successes that is propelling Dallien to expansion. They are now interviewing and actively hiring experienced residential agents who will carry out the firm's mission: Dallien Realty agents are not just selling real estate, they are selling a lifestyle. Dallien prides itself on not just being a brokerage firm but a lifestyle company. Taking into consideration that a lifestyle determines where one lives, the building they look for and what neighborhood they call home, Dallien agents utilize this unique formula to customize a client's real estate experience.
Through an extensive training and mentorship program, Dallien's agents form a combined elite force of experts who specialize in rentals and sales and bring an international approach to the business. With over 20 agents, many of whom are bilingual, Dallien's global perspective allows them to connect with clients from all over the world and converse in multiple languages including Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Chinese. That being said they are known within the industry as fierce negotiators and closers, they guarantee their clients the best deal possible. Dallien's dedicated and tight-knit team of real estate professionals work tirelessly and thrive on seeing the satisfaction of their clients. They deliver the highest level of personal service, on the alert to even the smallest of details, as work to match each and every client with a lifestyle that is no less than a perfect fit.
As their success continues, Dallien plans to build out a commercial investments sales arm in late 2014. The hiring of investment sales brokers for this endeavor is just the beginning of the firm's plans for the future.

With a keen understanding of life and the lifestyle in New York City, Dallien Realty crafted a mission statement unlike any other firm. There is no city like New York City, with its one of a kind mix of culture and vibrancy. The city truly never sleeps and Dallien Realty understands it and how to manage it. "Our goal at Dallien Realty is to help our clients navigate the complex New York City real estate through sound guidance and experience," Nile confidently states.


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