Arolat participates in conversation with Pratt Institute professor Safran in Archtober

November 20, 2018 - Design / Build

Arolat in conversation with Safran during Archtober.

NEW YORK, NY On Friday October 26th, architect Emre Arolat, recent winner of the 2018 RIBA Award for International Excellence, participated in a conversation with professor Yehuda Safran of Pratt Institute, RISD and formerly Columbia University, as part of the New York Archtober event month, celebrating the architecture  and design in NYC. The event was held at Emre Arolat Architecture’s (EAA) recently opened New York studio in SoHo.

Safran, asked insightful questions, touching on topics ranging from EAA’s body of work to Arolat’s philosophy and views on the modern architectural landscape. During the fascinating dialogue, both Safran and Arolat remarked on the role of architecture and trends in the 21st Century including the fact that change appears to be happening at a faster pace than in previous times in history. 

Arolat stated that having worked in distinctive parts of the world, he can say that architecture has a universal language with different nuances according to the place and space.  Professor Safran added that architecture was always the language made of traces of cultures while pointing out Sancaklar Mosque and sharing his valuable comment “Emre Arolat understands the distinctive quality of space.”

Following the discussion, the audience - a mix of academia, members of the design and development community  - was given the opportunity to ask questions about Arolat’s work, philosophy, and methods, followed by a meet and greet with Emre Arolat and Professor Safran.

The talk on October 26th concluded a week of lectures, seminars and talks by Emre Arolat. On October 24th Mr. Arolat spoke at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in an event organized by the Rhode Island AIA, and on October 25th he spoke in Boston at an event sponsored jointly  by the Boston Society of Architects Global Practices Network,  and the New England Chapter of the RIBA.


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