Goldstein, Hill & West Architects (GHWA) celebrates its second anniversary

August 08, 2011 - Front Section
Goldstein, Hill & West Architects (GHWA) has marked its second anniversary as many of the firm's new projects are coming on line in a rebounding N.Y.C. real estate market.
Prior to establishing GHWA in 2009, principals Goldstein, Hill and West were senior partners at Costas Kondylis & Partners (CKP), and have designed many of the most prominent structures in the metro area. Founding their own firm following the dissolution of CKP, with a staff of more than 20 experienced design professionals joining them from their prior firm, they continued their work with past clients, and found new opportunities as well.
Since 2009 the team has successfully completed a number of new projects, including Silver Towers for Silverstein Properties and 250 West Street for Elad Properties. They are also initiating new developments for clients such as Extell including 40 Riverside Boulevard, The Aldyn and The Ashley. The partners often remark that one in five buyers of new condominium apartments of the last decade reside in homes they designed.
"We are honored that nearly all of the clients that we have longstanding relationships with have continued working with us to finish projects that were started previously, and continue to select us for an exciting range of new assignments," said Alan Goldstein, a founding partner of GHWA.
In addition to the large scale projects for which they are best known, the new firm is taking on projects of all sizes, including smaller residential developments, commercial office interiors, and hotels. The principles have either completed or are in design for another 24 properties as GHWA.
"On top of award-winning design, our firm is a recognized specialist in zoning and planning consultation, which is why we are often brought into new developments in New York before a site is acquired, advising developers on highest and best use of a site, as well as for feasibility analysis," said David West, founding partner of GHWA.
"Our firm is ideally suited for the current environment in New York City development, and we have a track record of working with developers to achieve their vision and goals for building practical structures with creative and innovative design," said Stephen Hill, a founding partner of GHWA.


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