2018 Women In Real Estate, Professional Services: Pamela Cianciotta, Marks Paneth LLP

September 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Pamela Cianciotta 

Title: Director

Company Name: Marks Paneth LLP 

Real estate association / organization affiliation(s): AIPCA, New York State Society of CPAs

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months? 

One of my biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months was stewarding the turnover of a client’s entire real estate portfolio, which involved 1031 exchanges of a dozen properties, while at the same time working with the family to accomplish their ownership goals to benefit future generations. I was also involved with the sale of one of the largest trophy buildings in the U.S., which was very exciting.

What blogs, resources, podcasts or influencers have helped you? 

Email alerts are a great resource. I set them up to notify me when one of my clients has been mentioned in an article or conversation on the internet–this helps me stay informed and tailor my service to their exact needs. 

How many messages are in your inbox right now and how do you manage email? 

Currently, there are over 5,000 emails in my inbox. When it comes to managing them all, I usually begin my day by looking at the previous day’s emails and making sure I answered or forwarded them all. Once I’m sure I didn’t miss anything, I can focus on the day ahead of me. 

How important is it for women to create a personal brand? 

It is very important–not just for women, but for any real estate professional–to develop a brand. Our profession is a sea full of talented people, and you need to do something to make yourself stand out. This will help your reputation and your book of business.

What do you do like to do for fun? 

I love spending time with my family, which includes family trips and coaching my kids’ sports teams throughout the year.

In one word, describe yourself: 



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