iCRETE Concrete technology supports 1,776 ft. Freedom Tower

January 04, 2008 - Front Section

Aerial, Freedom Tower - New York, NY

Daniel Tishman

One of the biggest breakthroughs in construction technology --- the innovative`e iCRETE system, offering record strength concrete and dramatic environmental benefits, is being used to build the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in New York City. Both the 1,776 ft. tower, as well as the 186 ft. inner safety core supporting the superstructure, will be built with iCRETE.
"The world is watching as we build the Freedom Tower," said, Daniel Tishman chairman and chief executive officer of Tishman Construction Corp., construction manager of the Freedom Tower. "From the very core of the building to the top of the spire, we're using the best products, construction practices and processes available today, and that includes iCRETE. With its technology, iCRETE produces a stronger, more cost effective concrete that is environmentally sensitive. In fact, this is the highest strength concrete ever poured in New York - beating the previous record of 12,000 PSI."
"iCRETE technology gives us the confidence that we have the best concrete to build the Freedom Tower, the most important building we've ever constructed," said, Renzo Collavino, president of Collavino Construction.
"We were given a tall task to design, test and produce the most extraordinary concrete ever poured in New York City," said Tony Arnold, president of iCRETE. "We are extremely excited that through the use of the iCRETE system, we were able to exceed all design specifications required for the construction of the Freedom Tower. We are proud that iCRETE was chosen for this historic project, an international symbol of freedom."
The iCRETE system, a patented technology, will be used to produce 240,000 cubic yards of concrete for the Freedom Tower.
During the design phase of the project, the building's engineers required concrete used in the Freedom Tower to achieve a record breaking 14,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of compressive strength.
In addition to physical and material benefits, iCRETE also offers environmental benefits. Since less cement is required for the iCRETE system, harmful carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 40% -- another industry breaking record.


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