Zar launches KLOUD

July 21, 2020 - Front Section
Kimberly Zar

New York, NY Kimberly Zar launched KLOUD, a female-owned real estate-focused digital marketing firm that provides consulting and marketing solutions to real estate companies and professionals nationwide. As COVID-19 hit our nation, Zar, founder and CEO of KLOUD, began noticing a deficiency of real estate expertise at advertising and marketing agencies, as well as how expensive it is for companies to have in-house marketing teams. 

Zar said, “During the COVID-19 outbreak, companies were looking for ways to decrease overhead and in many cases marketing teams were the first being cut. I founded KLOUD to bring a solution for companies who still need to innovatively advertise, but do not have the budget for an in-house team.”

Zar is a digital marketing and social media expert with ample knowledge of, and a deep passion for the real estate industry, making it easy for clients to trust her with their company’s public image and brand development. 

After graduating Boston University, Zar began her career at Wavemaker, formerly MEC Global, where she worked with global brands across a variety of industries on technology partnerships and thought leadership. After this, Zar began working for Meridian Capital Group where she helped spearhead the company’s digital marketing strategy. Zar was responsible for leveraging the company’s social media platforms to grow the company’s digital footprint. In addition to this, Zar oversaw Meridian’s participation in over 200 industry events and managed client gifting as well as special projects. Just before launching KLOUD, Zar and her brother Yaakov Zar, CEO of Lev Capital, launched a real estate financing-focused podcast, BIPS: A Peek Into The Lender Landscape, where high profile industry lenders make guest appearances.

Through her podcast and extensive work in marketing, real estate, technology and innovation, Zar is very well-connected with many professionals in various industries, giving her newly founded marketing agency a leg-up already. 

KLOUD grows social media followings and engagement while also working with real estate-focused social influencers like @TradedNY. KLOUD creates, edits and executes IGTV content to leverage your brand and further engage your following. From a complete digital rebrand to social media management and paid media, email marketing and consulting, KLOUD executes all real estate marketing efforts for their clients.



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