“Women Building Women” panel discussion event held March 28th; Pimsleur, Hori and Sangster are speakers, Vailakis moderates

May 21, 2019 - Front Section
Shown (from left) are: Nancy Vailakis, Julia Pimsleur, Roxanne Hori and Elissa Sangster.

Manhattan, NY On March 28th, CEO of Ellipsis, LLC and creator of the Against The Current series, Karen Gamba, with Nancy Vailakis, brought together a panel of women and guests for the inaugural “Women Building Women” discussion. The event drew senior executives across a range of industries to learn about and focus on the steps women are taking to reach a better level of equality and opportunity in the business world and beyond. 

Speakers included: Julia Pimsleur, author, founder and chief empowerista of Million Dollar Women; Elissa Sangster, CEO of the Forté Foundation; and Roxanne Hori, associate dean at the NYU Stern School of Business. The event was moderated by Nancy Vailakis, director, funds of IQ-EQ.

This discussion was supported and sponsored by Julia Hoagland, principal at JH Advisors, LLC; Shannon Aronson of Keller Williams; and Laure Sheppe Miller of Houlihan Lawrence. The next “Women Building Women” event will take place July 16th on Wall St.

“Up until 1974 you couldn’t get a bank loan or a credit card without your husband or father’s signature. This is just one of the things that inspired me to start Million Dollar Women because that wasn’t that long ago. What are the women, that will look back at our time, remember us for?” said Pimsleur.

Julia Pimsleur, author, founder and chief
empowerista of Million Dollar Women

“What inspires me is the evolution I’ve seen occur, and there must be more conversations going on at home, by people who are raising their children. As a parent, you realize your child is going into a world where they have to think differently. The norms are changing and that is very inspiring, and all of us in this room are a part of making that change happen, by making our voices heard,” said Hori.

“I do think men need to educate men about what is going on and why there needs to be a change. The huge volume of press this issue has been getting over the last three to five years, I would say, has contributed to the conversation to open the eyes of people who didn’t previously think there was an equality issue,” said Sangster.



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