Wilkes Law Group merges with Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne, LLP

February 04, 2020 - Front Section
David Wilkes,
Wilkes Law Group

Manhattan/Melville/Tarrytown, NY Wilkes Law Group will be merged with Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne, LLP (HKCC) to provide the most effective and targeted response to the property tax needs of their growing client base. The new firm is Herman Katz Cangemi Wilkes & Clyne, LLP (HKCWC), and will maintain offices in in Midtown, Long Island and Westchester to service its clients throughout the state. David Wilkes opened his private practice in 2000 in partnership with Jean Huff, and has worked on behalf of many clients in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

Jay Herman and Bob Katz founded the forerunner to the current HKCC firm in 2005. Soon after, colleague Andy Cangemi merged his client base into the firm. Kevin Clyne joined the firm in 2006, and Jennifer Hower in 2013, adding to the firm’s experience and depth. The firm is unique in its expertise in New York City and Long Island, as well as the northern suburbs.

Wilkes opened his private practice after years serving as property tax special counsel to several large New York municipalities. He has provided advisory services to several foreign governments and providing national leadership in the appraisal profession. Wilkes Law Group is now a leader in property tax in the region.  

“This merger creates one of the strongest property tax firms in the region and offers clients comprehensive real estate services with the leading attorneys in the field,” said senior partner Herman. Reflective of that regional leadership is the fact that Katz is currently the president of the New York City Real Estate Tax Review Bar Association, Herman is co-chair of the Tax Certiorari and Condemnation Committee in Suffolk County, and Wilkes holds the same title in Westchester County.  Herman and Cangemi have held the same posts in Nassau County, as well.  Clyne was the past chair of the national Property Tax Symposium for the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (IPT), and the former president of the New York Condemnation Conference.

Wilkes is president of the National Association of Property Tax Attorneys (NAPTA), an association he cofounded.  This dovetails with HKCC’s oversight of national portfolios for several of its clients. 

“We have worked with David for the mutual benefit of common clients for years.  Joining forces with a firm of the stature and reputation of the Wilkes Law Group meshes perfectly with our vision for continued success”, said senior partner Katz.   

 “This move is a great fit,” said Wilkes. “The firms share a commitment to being able to service the clients’ property tax needs at the highest levels and in every context. We are not just appeal attorneys.  We assist our clients from the moment they consider becoming involved with a property. The tax burden in New York goes directly to the viability of the project.”

“We have each consistently delivered for our clients.” Clyne said. “I am excited to enhance that service through our shared and collective talents.”



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