Who's ready for integrated project delivery (IPD)?

December 22, 2014 - Green Buildings

Brian McGuire, Edwards & Zuck

Integrated project delivery or IPD is a process where the project design team works closely together to have a more efficient effort, working through all the phases of a project. Design, fabrication and construction coordination are managed through the use of technology which is allowing us to see the impact of our decisions much earlier in the design. Another term that could be used for this process is lean construction.
Per the American Institute of Architects Guide for Integrated Project Delivery, "Integrated Projects are uniquely distinguished by highly effective collaboration among the owner, the prime designer, and the prime constructor, commencing at early design and continuing through to project handover."
Through the use of current technology and the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we are able to coordinate a BIM model so that decisions can be made sooner and all key designers can be involved in the selection process. This allows us to use the BIM Data for energy modeling, clash detections and building analysis to determine the performance as well as early HVAC selection of equipment.
Here is my favorite quote from the AIA's IPD Guide.
Change is Now
"Technological evolution coupled with owners' ongoing demand for effective processes that result in better, faster, less costly and less adversarial construction projects are driving significant and rapid change in the construction industry. Envision a new world where:
* Facilities managers, end users, contractors and suppliers are all involved at the start of the design process.
* Processes are outcome-driven and decisions are not made solely on a first cost basis.
* All communications throughout the process are clear, concise, open, transparent, and trusting.
* Designers fully understand the ramifications of their decisions at the time the decisions are made.
* Risk and reward are value-based and appropriately balanced among all team members over the life of a project.
* The industry delivers a higher quality and sustainable built environment."
This is the world of IPD.
Through coordinated effort, we can make a big impact on saving our environment and changing the AEC industry to a more sustainable process that is for the benefit of all.
So now, are you ready to talk about IPD?

Brian McGuire is the director of BIM services at Edwards & Zuck, D.P.C., New York, N.Y.


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