Westhab and Palladium Mgmt. partner in 21 Fountain Place

March 03, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers

New Rochelle, NY According to Westhab, a newly renovated building on Fountain Pl. has reached full occupancy. 21 Fountain Pl., which formerly served as student housing for Monroe College, was renovated to provide affordable and transitional housing for 52 families. The building is being leased by Westhab from Palladium Management, with a contract from Westchester County to Westhab to provide on-site management and social services for the tenants. 

David Roth, principal of Palladium said, “We’re thrilled to be partnered with Westhab in providing safe, affordable housing to the residents of 21 Fountain Pl. With the steady increase of new multifamily development in the area, our company feels strongly that projects like 21 Fountain Pl. provide essential stability and economic diversity to the city of New Rochelle.” 

Richard Nightingale, president and CEO of Westhab, said, “It is exciting to get this building back online, fulfilling a need for affordable housing in our community. Our staff are actively engaging our new residents, as well as working to be great neighbors in the community.” 

County executive George Latimer said, “We are facing a crisis of affordability of housing here in Westchester. Partnering with organizations like Westhab and Palladium Management allows us to tackle this challenge and provide Westchester families with a sense of community in the process. 21 Fountain Place is a commendable project and this is news worth celebrating.” 

City development commissioner Luiz Aragon said, “We are grateful for the County’s support of New Rochelle and we welcome the opportunity to continue to provide quality affordable housing in our City. 21 Fountain Place, under Westhab’s leadership, is a great addition to our affordable housing inventory.” 

In addition to 52 renovated apartments, Westhab provides on-site social services at 21 Fountain Place to help tenants achieve stability in their housing and to connect them to community-based resources. The building neighbors a New Rochelle Housing Authority property. Westhab has actively partnered with the Housing Authority to build a sense of community. 

Westchester County recently released its Housing Needs Assessment, which provided extensive data about the county’s housing needs. The assessment showed a total demand for over 82,000 affordable housing units. Buildings like 21 Fountain Place help to create the sorely needed supply of affordable housing in our community. 



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