Vardi joins Highcap as investment sales associate; Intends to merge knowledge of art with real estate

October 13, 2015 - Front Section
“Bruce Lee” – Greg Auerbach “Bruce Lee” – Greg Auerbach
New York, NY Guy Vardi joined Highcap Group as an investment sales associate and intends to merge his knowledge of art with his real estate transactions - a truly unique marriage that will certainly separate him from others. His experience and passion for art and design, coupled with his interest in architecture lead him as a young adult to New York City where he teamed up with a group of like-minded developers focusing on residential projects. As an investor he had witnessed first-hand the positive impact art can have on a real estate project not to mention the instant benefit to the neighboring properties as well. When a few years later, in late ’08 he was offered a position at Eden Fine Art on Madison Ave. and lead Eden gallery as its director for 5 years. Having gained this unique experience in working with some of this market’s most savvy investors both foreign and domestic – Vardi’s thrilled to be able to contribute to the successful team at Highcap Group.
Guy Vardi, Highcap Guy Vardi, Highcap
“The correlation between real estate and art is uncanny. But for some reason, while most understand how real estate is a wealth-generating tool, not many understand how art can be used to do the same. The chosen few who mastered both skills are advancing in huge leaps with virtually no competition,” said Vardi. – for example, • Building owners using exposure offered by their properties can in fact propel an artist to new heights (effectively increasing the market value for this person’s works to date). • Owners can also lease empty walls in their properties to galleries or artists for additional income (as could developers with scaffolding walls). • Apartment buildings, working together with galleries, can at very little if any cost transform common areas of a property into attractive exhibition spaces thus resulting in higher rate of return on investment • Integration of functional art in the property (creative tables & chairs, artistic lighting fixtures, etc.) to help distinguish the property and draw a certain type of tenancy I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and look forward to working together in merging art and real estate to boost your bottom line!


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