Trion Real Estate Mgmt. named property manager of 899-unit SHOA property

November 03, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers

Bronx, NY Trion Real Estate Management has been selected as the property management firm for the Shorehaven Homeowner’s Association (SHOA) located at 15 White Plains Rd. With 899 units spanning 40 acres, Shorehaven is comprised of seven homeowner’s associations and one umbrella association. The SHOA Board was looking for a single firm to take over the management of the entire complex to better unify the community and provide improved services.

“We met this challenge head on with the enthusiastic support from the various HOAs and the umbrella board, and were able to complete the transition of seven independent condominium and the umbrella association over a six-month period,” said Trion president Carmelo Milio, CPM. 

“We were the first company to bring unity and community to the property and we are proud of what has been accomplished so far. Our goal is to not only effectively manage the various HOA needs but collaborate with owners and board members to make the property an even better place to live.”

The most difficult task was to transition all 899 units while complying with strict COVID requirements. The Trion team needed to unite staff, connect with local officials on the needs of the various facilities, and initiate online town hall meetings to better communicate with all the parties involved. The next steps are to create a unique website, upgrade the technology, renovate the gatehouse at the community entrance with security, and install cameras around the entire perimeter.

“In Shorehaven’s 30-year history, there has never been one company capable of managing all of the independent condominiums, two-family homes, and the overall Shorehaven Homeowner’s Association,” said Haydee Rosario, president of the SHOA Board. “Our complex structure compelled us to seek a competent management firm that would provide a comprehensive approach to managing all of the properties and improving communication among the residents and staff.”



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JoJo 2/3/21, 4:04 PM

Here’s a email by an SHOA board Officer regarding Trion Real Estate Management ****EMAIL 3: On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 8:07 PM Daniel Rodriguez wrote: Good evening all, I cannot vote yes to this. 1. MMR's are months behind schedule. FAIL! ***** 2. The communication re: the White Plains Road was haphazard and fragmented. Has the problem been fixed? This problem has lingered on since before Thanksgiving and the last message regarding this went out on 12/16/20. FAIL! 3. They botched the response to the snow storm. Yes, DeBartolo is the snow removal company but where was TRION in the aftermath of the storm? As our management company isn't TRION supposed to ensure that the work performed by our vendors is done in a thorough and professional manner? That is what a management company is supposed to do! Look out for our best interests. FAIL! 4. House Rules are not being enforced. FAIL! 5. Failure to supervise staff/operations. FAIL! 6. Failure to secure a Certificate of Fitness for our fire protection system so that we don't get fined by the FDNY. This issue has been outstanding for too many months. Is TRION going to pay the fine if we get fined? FAIL! I can go on but I hope you see my point. A bonus can be seen as a good faith measure but where is TRION's good faith. We pay them to deliver a service which they have and continue to fail to deliver in an acceptable way. Not even close to acceptable. They haven't even been here for 1 year and we have not even been operating fully. No pool, no parties, no events. For us to even consider bonuses for them, good faith gesture or not, is shocking to me actually. It should be shocking because it is. TRION has not met minimum performance standards and I cannot justify rewarding their poor performance. Nor can I justify giving them a bonus as an incentive or as a good faith gesture. Our focus should be on holding them accountable for getting their collective act together so that we don't have to search for a new management company. Not bonuses. Approving this will be a big mistake. This is not in the best interest of the homeowners and I see no business justification for this. The homeowners are not going to like this one bit. I vote no.Madam President, If this passes please make sure to send out a notice to the homeowners detailing how everyone voted. In addition, I am requesting that they be informed that I have resigned as Treasurer. Happy Holidays to all, Daniel .

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