Tenenbaum, Rice and Futterman host event - “Clean slate, clear your plate”

March 06, 2018 - Long Island

Pictured abover are: Alisa Geffner, Esq. of Geffner Kersch; Jennifer Cona, Esq. of Genser, Dubow, Genser & Cona, LLP; Karen Tenenbaum, Esq. of Tenenbaum Law, P.C.; Carolyn Kersch, Esq. of Geffner Kersch; and Leslie Tayne, Esq. of The Tayne Law Group. 

Huntington, NY Tenenbaum Law, P.C., Christopher Rice of Morgan Stanley, and Aaron Futterman of Futterman Lanza, LLP hosted “Clean Slate, Clear Your Plate”– the premise was a new year, new you type of thing when it comes to finances, etc. The event was attended by some of Long Island’s leading professionals, mostly accountants and attorneys. The party was held in January at Honu.



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