Summer buzz: Fighting flies in commercial properties

July 27, 2015 - Front Section

Arthur Katz, Knockout Pest Control

Flying insects are more than just a nuisance. They can spread disease and impact your business. Even in small numbers, house and fruit flies, gnats, and fungus gnats can be a real problem for property managers. Keeping flying pests at bay, especially during the high-activity summer months, should top your to-do list.
Partnering on the Fly to Combat Commercial Infestations
The single most effective way to combat flying insects is partnership. When property owners, tenants and a pest management company work together in partnership, the root causes of flying insect infestation can be mitigated and even eliminated.
* Conduct a comprehensive tenant and common space evaluation. Ideally, you should work with a professional who can identify ways flies may be entering your property, conditions that attract feeding and nesting, and practices that make problems worse.
* Work with tenants to resolve problems. Are office workers keeping food at their desks? Are restaurants not properly removing refuse? Are doors and windows being left open? Educate tenants so that know how they might be creating a problem and how they can participate in keeping the premises free of insects.
* Consider an annual pest management maintenance program that includes regular inspections, ongoing education and interaction, as well as addressing pest problems at the first sign of an infestation.
New Treatments
to Take Out Flies
Flying insects can be some of the most challenging pests to eliminate. Many flies are resistant to traditional treatments. And some treatments are not appropriate in certain kinds of commercial spaces. Today's treatment options are evolving. You now have options that are highly targeted, less invasive, yet are addressing more species of flies. An example of next generation flying insect control is ENDZONE. ENDZONE is a square-shaped sticker that is coated in a sugar bait and insecticide matrix flies find irresistible. It kills adult flies in under a minute in rooms up to 1,000 cubic feet in size. Away from moisture and dirt, it has an effective lifespan of up to seven months. And you don't have to deal with the problems of broadcast spraying and respraying.
Limit Liability and Avoid Fines
Keep in mind that New York State laws prohibit the application of any pesticide on commercial property by non-licensed personal. Something so simple as blasting a trash can with Raid can put you at legal risk.
A Trio of Tactics for
Comprehensive Fly Control
Any treatment, new or old, works best as part of a comprehensive pest management approach. Keeping flies out of your business relies on a trio of tactics:
1. Sanitation: Keep every inch of your property free of trash, clutter and food waste.
2. Exclusion: Seal all cracks and gaps, with particular care given to doors, windows and vents.
3. Vigilance: Keep a sharp eye out for problems and deal with them early.

Arthur Katz is CEO of Knockout Pest Control, Uniondale, N.Y.


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