Suffolk IDA preliminarily approves Spectronics Corp. acquisition/renovation of two Melville properties

August 18, 2020 - Front Section

Melville, NY The Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (SCIDA) has preliminarily approved a transaction to assist Spectronics Corp. in acquiring and renovating an existing 24,244 s/f building located at 135 Maxess Rd. and leasing and equipping 42,000 s/f at 265 Spagnoli Rd. Spectronic’s current facility in Westbury has become inefficient with excess space after the company sold a portion of its business to a purchaser in Suffolk County. The assistance is vital in retaining Spectronics on Long Island as well as their local employee base of 95. The company was considering relocating to other states, but with the IDA’s help they will now create 11 new jobs bringing their total number of employees to 106.

“It is no secret that our region has been hit hard by the pandemic—both in terms of the impact on public health and job loss,” said Tony Catapano, executive director, SCIDA. “We are committed to assisting this family-run company remain on Long Island and create new jobs for our residents.”

At the Maxess Rd. site, the project will require renovation of the building’s roof, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electric and other building and mechanical systems. At the Spagnoli Rd. site, Spectronics will install manufacturing and research and development equipment. The company anticipates that the smaller facilities will allow their employees and systems to operate more seamlessly. Spectronics will add 11 employees and create numerous construction jobs throughout the process, drawing upon Long Island’s talent pool.

“Long Island is our home, and we are grateful we can continue to say that thanks to IDA assistance,” said Jon Cooper, president of Spectronic Corp. “Our motto is ‘Innovating for today, imagining for tomorrow, and our partnership with the IDA truly represents planning ahead and the next big step for Spectronics as a company and leading-manufacturer on Long Island.”

Spectronics is a global manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials and has been in business since 1955. The company has found much success through its HVAC, refrigeration, automotive, industrial leak detection and non-destructive testing markets. The company plays an essential role in Long Island’s innovation economy, working with 125 local vendors and contractors, and the IDA assistance is crucial in helping Spectronics remain and grow on Long Island.

“We have conducted ample research, in addition to our own experiences, which have consistently shown that the preservation of high-tech manufacturing in our region has a significant ripple effect throughout our economy,” said Kelly Morris, deputy executive director, SCIDA. “Retaining Spectronics, their employees as well as the addition of 11 more will give our local economy a much-needed boost and provide the company with the ingredients for continued growth.”



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