STO Building Group releases STO Building Conversations: The COVID-19 Series

November 17, 2020 - Design / Build

New York, NY STO Building Group’s podcast, STO Building Conversations, has published a miniseries focused on the impact of COVID-19 in construction, and how the pandemic will continue to shape the future of the AEC industry.

Last summer, STO Building Group began STO Building Conversations, a podcast dedicated to exploring the trends shaping the construction industry around the globe—and in today’s world, COVID-19 is inevitably part of that conversation. In May 2020, STO Building Group released STO Building Conversations: The COVID-19 Series, a podcast miniseries featuring interviews with real estate, design, and construction experts with unique perspectives on how the outbreak will change the way we build.  

From unraveling how mission critical infrastructure was able to keep up with the surge in internet traffic to debating what long-term remote working means for the future of the physical workplace, The COVID-19 Series aims to look at the effects of this global event through an AEC lens.

The podcast is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, STO’s website, and YouTube.

“We started our podcast to facilitate and capture the types of conversations that drive innovation in our industry,” says Robert Leon, EVP of STO Building Group and frequent host of STO Building Conversations. “In the last few months, it’s also become a great way to share our experiences with the industry and stay connected to our clients, partners, and employees.”

With over 4,500 downloads, STO Building Conversations was created by construction professionals for construction professionals, offering high-level discussions about the trends changing the way the AEC industry operates.  

 The COVID-19 Series episodes posted to date include:

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

Construction Across the Tri-State

Mission Critical in the Age of Social Distancing

Adapting to the New Normal On Site

Shutting Down and Gearing Up in Boston



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