Stirling Collins, IREON, Champion Elevator Corp.

December 22, 2020 - Spotlights

Name: Stirling Collins

Title: President Business Development

Company Name: Champion Elevator Corp.

What was your most notable project, deal, or transaction in 2020?
Two new projects come to mind with Long Island University and Stevens Institute of Technology. We had been pursuing business in the higher education space for some time. Second would be our recent acquisition of West Tech Elevator giving us a larger footprint in the Bronx and Westchester bridging the expansion into CT. and New England.

What was the most challenging part of working during the pandemic?
The most challenging aspect was “change,” having your whole routine turned upside down with no end in sight. The silver lining was how our team adapted to the new normal and continued operations without missing a beat.

What aspects of working from home did you enjoy most?
Once I set a routine at home, I enjoyed being able to have family time especially dinners together on a regular basis. Life is often so busy we don’t make time for those special day to day moments to connect and talk with each other.

What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2020?
Our greatest accomplishment was being able to grow our business and open a new office in Connecticut in 2020. Our expansion into the New England market had been in the works for some time and we were still able to successfully open our CT branch.

What are your predictions for commercial real estate in 2021?
Commercial operators will certainly need to re-invent their business models going forward. The pandemic has changed the way society operates. I have no doubt that NYC commercial real estate will rise to the challenge and come out even stronger.



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