Spector Group unveils design for Nassau County Center for Training and Intelligence

September 05, 2017 - Long Island

Great Neck, NY Spector Group has unveiled the design for the Nassau County Center for Training and Intelligence. This facility will serve as a regional training center for all Nassau County Police personnel, comprising nineteen village and city departments located throughout the county, as well as a wide array of state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Located on the grounds of Nassau Community College and overlooking the Meadowbrook Pwy., the center will feature a new police training academy for cadets and in-service officers, academic and fitness areas, auditorium and lecture hall facilities, an intelligence bureau, emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC) and an indoor/outdoor tactical training “village” that allows for simulation and scenario-based training. Spector Group, in association with Tactical Design North, was contracted by the Nassau County Police Department Foundation to develop a forward-thinking design. The project team put forth a design centered on creating a modern and high-tech environment for training that remains flexible to seamlessly cater to the versatile needs of the police force.

Spector Group’s design strikes a balance between hands-on-training structures and academic-style classrooms. The classrooms feature flexible design elements that allow for the space to be easily divided into smaller classrooms. Throughout the building, oversized doors allow for vehicular access and stage-setting in the tactical zones. All design elements were carefully thought out to present a sophisticated, forward-thinking design, that also incorporates training uses. 



“Creating a collaborative and functional training space that would stand the test of time was our chief inspiration for the new training center design,” said Marc Spector AIA, principal of Spector Group. “This design is versatile and all elements can be utilized for training, as well as for other purposes.  This cutting-edge facility will be a leading institution in the police force and will support the Nassau County Police force’s ability to continue to grow as one of the leading law enforcement bureaus.”

Highly visible from the Meadowbrook Parkway, it was imperative that the structure yield a strong and powerful message. The façade, featuring a combination of white panels and windows, presents and elegant sophistication evocative of an academic institution. Large slabs of pre-cast concrete featuring “NCPD” and the Nassau County Police Department shield, which will be lit up at night, designate this a constant beacon of law enforcement.

“With this new state-of-the-art facility, we move police training from outdated facilities to a modern venue that will continue to advance our intelligence-led policing models; keeping Nassau County one of the safest suburban counties in the nation,” said acting police commissioner Pat Ryder.

Spector said, “This forward-thinking facility brings together top-tier design and functionality to create a collaborative and educational environment that will continue to propel the Nassau County Police Department forward as one of the premier forces in the country. The Nassau County Police are leading the way for law enforcement by understanding the need for a modern, fully-functional facility that will provide a thorough educational experience in both an academic and experiential environment.”



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