Professional Profile: Lev Mavashev, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Front Section

Lev Mavashev, Alpha Realty LLC

Name: Lev Mavashev
Title: Co-Founder/Managing Partner
Company: Alpha Realty LLC
Location: New York, N.Y.
Birthplace: Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Education: BBA Accounting, Baruch College
First job outside of real estate: CPA/Associate, Deloitte
First job in real estate or allied field: Investment Associate, GFI
What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? I am a commercial real estate broker primarily focusing on multifamily sales within the 5 Boroughs of N.Y.C. I recently launched my own firm, Alpha Realty. Our first few months in business, my partner and I are already very busy and on track to have an amazing first year. It's exciting to be a mover and shaker in the commercial real estate industry. I really like brokerage and years from now, I still see myself in this business. Brokering deals is challenging, exciting, and very rewarding. Every day is full of new opportunities and it consistently keeps me on my feet. I look forward to a long and successful career in the business.
How do you unwind from a busy day in real estate? I live one short block from Marine Park in Brooklyn, so recently I've developed a habit of biking every evening after work. That really helps me unwind from my usual 12-hour work day.
Favorite book or author: Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins - the book really got me into the proper mindset for success. I recommend the book to all the brokers at my firm.
One word to describe your work environment: Fast-paced / Energetic
Rules to live by in business:
3 Rules:
1 - Decide upon your Goals (short-term and long-term)
2 - Take Action: goals are nothing without action. Everyday take steps to move closer to your goals
3 - Be Persistent and Work Hard: Success is a marathon, not a sprint... it's important to never give up ... always stay focused and committed.

If you could invite one person to dinner (living or dead) who would it be and where would you go?
Warren Buffet. I've always admired his business and investment insights. I think he is a visionary and I would be interested in having lunch with him. The place would have to be Prime Grill...Yes, I am kosher.

What is your dream job?
I think I just landed my dream job... as the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Realty... I love brokerage and now I have the opportunity to combine it with my dream of growing my own firm.



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