Product of the Month: Gobii launches a real estate platform to better serve NYC’s real estate community

September 22, 2020 - Spotlights

New York, NY During these tough times for the real estate industry, Gobii launched a revolutionary real estate platform that seeks to empower agents by incorporating the most sophisticated tools in the market. The platform is designed to increase the industry’s efficiency and establish a new way to conduct real estate dealings.

Martin Mucha, Gobii’s CEO said, “Gobii is a comprehensive real estate system developed specifically for NYC, using the most advanced software out there. In effect, Gobii creates an entirely new category of online collaboration, one that will connect real estate professionals with their clients in a much more personal, intuitive, and fun way.”



In order to enhance the user experience, Gobii offers deep third-party integrations of public records, data analytics, cloud document management, CRM capabilities, advertisements, and notifications—all of which are interconnected through a chat function. At the centerpiece of the platform lies the most advanced search tool in the market–which gives you the possibility of drawing custom polygons and highly customizing your search results.

In light of recent events, Mucha said, “Gobii has already created $8 million worth of leads and has a current rental conversion rate–from view to qualified lead–of approximately 4%; this is 40% higher than the industry average.” 

What sets Gobii apart from its competitors is: 

Search and Analytics 

This tool allows users to seamlessly search the NYC real estate market based on their clients’ needs. Gobii offers deep integration of public records and advanced data analytics mirroring search and displaying historical pricing and sales data. Through its interactive map, users can click on any building and draw multiple custom polygons, resulting in the full customization of an otherwise stressful search process. By basing the search on the client’s needs and interests, Gobii facilitates the job of agents and clients alike.

The resulting customized searches and listings can be easily shared by agents and teams with their customers via the chat function, PDF format or via email. All of these capabilities make Gobii the most advanced real estate search engine out there. 

Chat and Collaboration 

A simple and intuitive chat is the backbone of Gobii’s communication system. This tool offers a new level of agent/client collaboration. In one simple thread, agents and clients can exchange listings, react, share searches and documents, making communication instant, organized, and professional. Gobii’s chat system provides streamlined cooperation for agent teams, both internally and externally.


Gobii supports GoogleAds—Google’s premier advertising service. This integration offers, by far, the most professional experience of any NYC platform. Users can choose which listings to advertise and budget for their campaign—all of which can be targeted by location from Gobii’s easy-to-use interface. 

Listing Maintenance

Furthering its goal of empowering agents, Gobii also supports the submission and maintenance of listings by using our system’s database for easier entry. This not only facilitates the way in which agents upload listings, but also enables them to update the listings from Gobii’s fully integrated HUB without any listing fee.


Gobii’s contact center doubles as a CRM tool by enabling agents to keep track of past interactions and client information. This is enabled by importing contacts from Android or iOS devices. Agents have access to a contact book of NYC real estate agents that is updated on a daily basis—streamlining communication.


Gobii’s Notification Center serves as an activity monitor. This function provides users with an innovative way to easily keep track of clients’ activities, displaying updates on saved listings, searches, messages, birthdays, documents, calendar alerts, and more—all in one place. 


Gobii offers Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox integration—enabling flawless document sharing between users through the platform’s chat function.

iOS and Android App 

Gobii is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The application offers a wide variety of functionalities, including contacts, calendar, documents, photos, Siri and Google Voice, enhanced security via FaceID, and TouchID as well as instant push notifications. 

Through these tools and a relentless desire to empower the real estate sector, Gobii hopes to enact its vision of innovating and providing breakthrough services to NYC’s real estate community. In order to protect trust, transparency, and the ultimate search experience, the public portal doesn’t charge daily listing fees nor does it support Premier Agent.



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