Plus972 launches Plus972Cares to help businesses in COVID-19 recovery and creates relief network

June 16, 2020 - New York City

New York, NY Plus972, a creative agency specializing in strategy, branding, marketing, and web services, has joined in COVID-19 recovery efforts with the launch of Plus972Cares. An initiative to aid businesses in recovery from the pandemic, Plus972Cares is uniting trusted industry professionals across complementary fields who are offering support to nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations around the world. 

“The desire to help businesses who are struggling with recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is what inspired Plus972Cares,” said Reuben Ben Yehuda, founder and CEO of Plus972. “We wanted to create a platform that offers the professional expertise of the Plus972 team and our partners to those who need consultation during their recovery from the pandemic. We all wish to give help where we can, especially to those who desire advice from professionals, but cannot afford it during these fragile times.”

To ease the operational and decision-making pressure that businesses may be facing during their road to recovery, Plus972Cares partners are offering complimentary or discounted consultations and services across a variety of verticals including: business development, marketing, real estate, data management, public relations, crisis management, cyber security, and financial planning, among others. Offerings will be added to this list as partners continue to join Plus972Cares. 

The Plus972Cares team aims to bring together a community of thriving businesses through adversity. This initiative is intended to strengthen connectivity among businesses by providing a platform where two-way relationships can be built between those wishing to provide help and those needing assistance. This creates a supportive and beneficial network for each party. 

Businesses interested in the services offered by Plus972Cares and its partners can directly contact the listed industry professionals to begin a conversation through the portal. Business owners seeking assistance can explain what kind of help they are interested in through the “Get Help” button on the Plus972Cares website. Additionally, business leaders who are interested in getting involved by providing their services can apply to become a partner of the Plus972Cares initiative by clicking the “Offer Support” button.

Current initiative partners and available services include:

  • BZH Capital, an independent asset management company, with Founder and Managing Principal, Edoardo Levy available to provide services surrounding alternative investments, advisory, and consulting.
  • Emerson Rigby, an investment and business development consultancy, with Owner, Ido Aharoni, available to help with strategic advisory, brand strategy, market research and positioning, corporate relationship management, and crisis management 
  • Ferrari Group, a firm specializing in the worldwide shipment of jewelry and luxury goods, with VP and Managing Director, Manuel Miraglia available to offer guidance surrounding international shipping & logistics, importation procedures, and armored services
  • Hexe Data, a company that combines data analysis with business recommendations, with Founder and CEO, Kris Surowiecki available to give guidance on data management
  • Insightland, an international SEO company, with Co-Founder, Katarzyna Iwanich available to help with reputation, opinions, combating fake news, SEO conditions, and website technical problems 
  • Interfor International, a global investigative and security consulting firm, with President, Don Aviv available to provide services surrounding physical and cyber security, threat analysis, and asset recovery
  • KODA Bots, a leading tech company, with Founder and CEO, Mariusz Pelechaty available to offer guidance on automation of the internal/external communication process
  • Livian & Co., an asset management firm, with Founder and CEO, Michael Livian available to offer services surrounding financial/business planning, asset management, and risk management
  • Plus972, a creative agency, with Business Development Representative, Assaf Luxembourg available to offer services surrounding storytelling, pitch practice, marketing strategy, and business development strategy and Reuben Ben Yehuda, available for help with branding, online marketing, web design, and development
  • UpSpring PR, a leading PR firm based in New York City, with Co-founder and CEO, Tiffany Rafii available to give guidance surrounding public relations strategy, business development strategy, and internal and external communications strategy
  • Zar Property NY, a family-run commercial real estate investment firm, with Principal, David Zar available to offer services surrounding advice on commercial and retail real estate management, leasing, construction and financing


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