Outside the Region: RE/MAX Launches the booj Platform

August 20, 2019 - Front Section

Chicago, IL RE/MAX, LLC has launched the booj Platform, an integrated suite of digital products that will empower agents, teams and brokers to proactively establish, manage and grow client relationships.

Developed by booj engineers in collaboration with thousands of RE/MAX affiliates, the booj Platform is focused on delivering a better customer experience by streamlining the work of agents, from lead generation to post-close nurturing and beyond. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is at the core of the booj Platform, integrating additional features, including:

  • Digital Branding: RE/MAX agents, teams and offices can build and customize their own branded RE/MAX website in just minutes. Each site seamlessly integrates with social accounts and provides in-depth analytics. RE/MAX understands real estate is a local business and these sites are designed to position RE/MAX affiliates as local experts.
  • Lead Capture: Agents can be more strategic in their interactions with potential clients, reaching out with relevant, targeted communications thanks to insights provided by the booj Platform based on an integrated set of tools that focus on consumer engagement and enablement. Home Valuation Pages, Individual Property Websites and Market Snapshots enable RE/MAX to drive engagement with consumers.
  • Client Engagement: The booj Platform provides several tools to help agents stay top of mind, including The Sphere Interaction tool, which shows the latest communications with the customer and gives a visual indicator as to whether or not the agent needs to reconnect with them or not. Automation features within the platform can trigger email campaigns and other automated content based on a consumer's actions on the site. Text, email, phone calls and marketing activity is driven back into the customer record allowing a full view of interaction and engagement.
  • Deal Management: The fully integrated Deal Pipeline tool provides a comprehensive view of an agent's current transactions and potential new business. As an agent moves a deal to new milestones within the pipeline, the Task Management tool can automatically mark tasks as completed or open a list of new tasks to help the agent stay organized.

The booj Platform addresses the need for a holistic real estate technology solution as a better option to the siloed, one-off third-party solutions. With CRM at the core of this ecosystem, the booj Platform also integrates transaction management partners that are widely adopted across the industry including DocuSign, dotloop, zipLogix and more. By offering deep integrations with key partners, RE/MAX ensures that agents can continue using products they know and trust, while allowing data to flow back into the booj Platform to keep all their information centralized and easy to access.

"This is a milestone moment for our brand. RE/MAX agents consistently outsell other agents by more than 2-to-1 at large brokerages, and the booj Platform will only strengthen their competitive advantage," said Adam Contos, RE/MAX CEO. "When homebuyers and sellers decide to work with a RE/MAX agent, they can rest assured that their agent comes equipped with the tools, training and technology to deliver a professional, efficient and smooth homebuying or selling experience."

The platform is not a simple rebranding of existing solutions, but rather products built with an understanding of the marketplace and the needs of RE/MAX affiliates.

"No one knows their business better than our brokers and agents. That's why we've gathered feedback from thousands of agents along the way to ensure what we're producing is what our network needs," said Jerry Modes, senior VP of information technology at RE/MAX. "We're the original real estate disruptor and we're built on a culture of innovation and adaptability. The launch of the booj Platform is a testament to that revolutionary culture."

Booj co-founders, John Sable and Ido Zucker, recognized the opportunity for technology to transform the real estate business. "The highly-customized platform for RE/MAX provides world-class experiences to the consumer creating a more efficient home-buying and selling process," said Sable. "Aligning this technology with a real estate network with a global footprint was a first-of-its-kind opportunity and we're excited to be producing leading technology during this pivotal time in the industry," said Zucker.

A fundamental element of the booj Platform is based on feedback driving future development. "This is just the beginning. RE/MAX will continue optimizing and building on the booj Platform over time," said Contos. "We have an unwavering focus on winning. The goal is to remain the pack leader – keeping people engaged so that a client today, remains a client tomorrow."

Product rollout has begun and will continue throughout the remainder of the year. Initial rollout of the platform is for U.S. company-owned regions and then to participating independent regions and Western Canada with plans to expand further internationally. The next phase of this rollout will include a new remax.com and consumer-facing mobile experience that will enable RE/MAX affiliates to deliver a more data-driven and efficient homebuying experience. 



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