MWSK to offer The Sterionizer, neutralizes and eliminates pathogens and air contaminants

December 01, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers

New York, NY MWSK Equipment is now offering The Sterionizer, an HVAC technology that neutralizes and eliminates pathogens and contaminants in the air through the use of ions.

Producing 10 billion to 1 trillion ions, The Sterionizer generates a large density of positive and negative charged oxygen ions. These molecules, when reacting with water in the air, form H2O2, which clusters around harmful particles. Through this chemical reaction, oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants to neutralize and eliminate particles, rendering them harmless. The Sterionizer has a patented self-cleaning, no-maintenance feature that allows for increased efficiency and cost-savings. The Sterionizer can protect and fight against infections, allergies, odors, influenza, COVID-19 and more.

“With today’s world still in flux, it is such a positive advancement to have The Sterionizer finalized and available for installation. Our office and employees are quickly filling up their spaces with these products as the effects of eliminating odors and allergies, are remarkable, especially during the change in weather,” said Jim Clinton, vice president of MWSK. 

“Additionally, the testing of this product has been conducted by professionals from the healthcare and research industries – focusing on COVID-19, Swine Flu, bacteria, mold, fungus and allergies.”

“The Sterionizer has a unique ability to bring the outdoor air, inside. As a patented clean air solution, we are thrilled to share this product. This product is especially useful as it both eliminates odors as well as viruses, allergies, bacteria and more,” said Stephanie Wooten, co-founder of Eagle X Pro.

The Sterionizer comes in a variety of sizes that are suitable for your small city apartment, showrooms, restaurants, and as large as factories, airports, airplanes, hospitals and more. This product allows for zero maintenance, as it is a self-cleaning technology product that operates and cleans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the cleaning process, the device produces ions to eliminate harmful particles and viruses to neutralize the air.



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