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May 06, 2011 - Spotlights
Rapid Response Mobile Marketing now offers Real Estate professionals the ability to connect with potential buyers in real time using QR Codes and SMS. Their system generates interest between the potential buyer and seller by providing real time leads to the seller and valuable info to the buyer. By adding a text message component or a QR code, agents are able to achieve information dissemination around the clock. Buyers are a fickle group, quickly moving onto other listings of interest. When a buyer cannot be satisfied with information, the listing can be forgotten. We try to make it as easy as possible to connect consumers with agents using these short codes and QR (Quick Response) Codes on all promotional signage.
The best example is a typical "For Lease" sign on commercial property. Most prospects drive by the property, see the sign and then have to pull over, write down a phone number or web address and then follow up at a later time. We try to eliminate a few of these steps. In our scenario, the prospect sees the sign, snaps the QR Code or texts the keyword to the short code and receives instant info for the available space in that building including virtual tours, photos, videos and any other specs the Realtor wants to provide, all available at their finger tips, on their mobile phone. At the same time the prospect receives the property info, the Realtor receives their name and cell phone number for instant follow up.
It is time to expand marketing efforts away from depending on just a URL or a toll free number to drive traffic. More and more agents are eager to reach every potential client on the move and are now turning to Rapid Response Mobile Marketing to supplement traditional forms of advertising. For more info and a FREE trial, visit or call 516-705-7495.
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