Meyn of Bohler Engineering: Sprinkle in perseverance

November 25, 2013 - Spotlights

Eric Meyn, Bohler Engineering

Name: Eric Meyn
Title: Project Manager
Company/Firm: Bohler Engineering
Years with company/firm: 10
Years in field: 15
Years in real estate industry: 15
Telephone: 631-738-1200
Email: [email protected]
What are you hoping to accomplish by attending and/or exhibiting at the show and what is different about this year's show?
Renewing old relationships, bolstering current relationships, and engaging new relationships... all with the positive momentum that 2014 appears poised to fulfill.
The recession, rising gas prices and the housing crisis has created a new trend. Generation Y'ers are now staying in the city and the baby boomers are actually returning to the city from the suburbs. How has this affected your business and NYC retail in general?
Competition and excitement; a recipe for real estate fun.
In the current economic climate what kinds of deals are out there and who is the typical buyer? Consumer?
Aggressive (answers all 3).
One year after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the redevelopment of many of New York's damaged areas has shed some light on this disaster with additional plans for expansion in the locations affected by Sandy. How will this affect NY retail and your business in particular?
The spirit of re-growth is both inspirational and responsible. It won't hurt the bottomline either.
How did your company withstand the recession and what changes have you made to grow and succeed during the recovery of the retail market?
Running lean and mean really streamlines the business, and the approach to all things. Doing more with less makes complete sense, we are able to implement this principle. Sprinkle in perseverance, dedication, and pulling up the old boot straps, and recovery is leading to growth.
How does your company use social media? Has social media been a beneficial tool in generating more business?
You mean "social media" is not ubiquitous with "business tool" yet?


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