Message from the president of NAIOP Upstate NY Chapter - by Amy Nagy

February 02, 2021 - Upstate New York
Amy Nagy
NAIOP Upstate

For many, 2020 was not a resounding success personally or professionally; yet there were triumphs, and I believe they were the type of victories that will carry forward into 2021. While I will be happy to get back to the office, and my children back in schools, as a working parent, this new kind of balance with family is welcome. My 12-year-old daughter learned a lot more than she ever thought possible about capital stacks, environmental reports, and tricky neighborhood entanglements. In turn, I was reintroduced to math quadrants. For both of us, I think it was time well spent.

During this time, I was reminded of the importance of those business relationships that I may have taken for granted. While admittedly my calendar could previously become overloaded with networking opportunities, when none were available, I craved the camaraderie with others that were navigating some of the same situations I faced. I missed the opportunities for learning that come from casual conversations. Most importantly, I missed the people. Many in the local development community have become friends over the years, and not different from missing my neighborhood, family, or workout friends–I miss my business friends. We recognize many have suffered loss of many sorts, and not being able to support our colleagues during difficult times has weighed heavily. Looking to 2021, I have the good fortune to lead the NAIOP Upstate NY Chapter this year. Based on the sentiments above, I know it’s time for us to come together, and there is no better way for us to do it as an industry than through NAIOP. Here is why:

NAIOP will give you the information you need to get back to business. We are starting the year off with a virtual ‘Lunch with the Lender’ event on January 21 to help you in planning for 2021. Next, we have a ‘Noon Zoom’ three-part series that you’ll be sure to enjoy. Hopefully, this will take us to the return of in-person events in the Spring. We cannot wait for that.

NAIOP is the opportunity to get you back to networking quickly with the people you need to see most! In one room you can find developers, brokers, designers, lenders, attorney’s, government officials and decision makers. This is networking at its best.

NAIOP provides national recognition and resources with your local membership. Continue to be educated and informed at the national level using online resources and get ready as we head back to national conferences and events. We will see you there!

The economic impacts of COVID-19 have been transformative. We must be prepared to work together through unified advocacy efforts to local, regional, and national leaders. Our voices are stronger together.

For the above reasons, I am asking you to participate in chapter life in one of the following ways:

• Join the chapter. There is much more to NAIOP than attending events. As a member you have access to the educational resources and national network of NAIOP along with the local benefits.

• Renew your membership. While during the pandemic you may have let your membership expire, now is the time to return to this organization.

• Sponsor the chapter. During 2020 your local Board continued its advocacy and educational work. This all-volunteer group needs your financial support for the chapter and its advocacy efforts. You can review the sponsorship options on our website.

• Participate in local chapter life. The chapter offers a host of committees, from events to advocacy that any NAIOP member is invited to participate in. Let us know what committee you want to participate in this year.

I, on behalf of the entire Upstate NY Chapter Board of Directors, wish you a prosperous and successful 2021, and look forward to seeing you, online and in-person, very soon! In the meantime, please reach out to me directly at anytime at [email protected] Cheers, and thank you for your support.

Amy Nagy is the 2021 president of the NAIOP Upstate NY Chapter



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