Message from the CEO of Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors: The Bronx Flavor - by Eliezer Rodriguez

September 04, 2018 - Front Section

The Bronx Manhattan North Association of Realtors (BMNAR) is the local chapter of the National Association of Realtors and the New York State Association of Realtors. BMNAR has been representing the real estate trade since 1924 and we continue to stand fast behind our mission to: 

  • Enhance our member’s ability to conduct business and succeed in an ethical manner; 
  • Promote cooperation among its diverse membership; 
  • Protect the rights to use and transfer real property; and 
  • To serve as the local voice of the real estate industry and educate the public regarding the value of using a Realtor. 

Today, the real estate market in The Bronx is booming and investors are seizing the moment. However, my Realtor members and affiliates are not benefitting from the growth taking place in The Bronx. A unified borough-wide effort is needed to include BMNAR in future real estate projects. Realtors are the pulse of the community and along with our affiliates, they help build and sustain our neighborhoods. BMNAR members include: 

  • Licensed real estate brokers and agents; 
  • Multi-dwelling property owners; 
  • Property managers; 
  • Building services; 
  • Vendors and suppliers; 
  • Attorneys; 
  • Appraisers; 
  • Banks; 
  • Mortgage companies; 
  • Fuel service and energy companies; 
  • Title and abstract companies; 
  • Insurance companies and insurance brokers; 
  • Developers and contractors; 
  • Technology consultants; and, 
  • • Basically any company that services the real estate industry. 

The Bronx was 10 years old when our association was created. For the past 94 years, my members have been involved in building the new Bronx that many now consider the next frontier for development. As this growth marches forth, I want to make sure BMNAR is kept in the loop, so my members may benefit from the seed they have planted. I encourage developers to reach out to me for help. Our members have influence, are experts in their field, and they can help move your projects forward and generate community support. 

To maintain our Bronx flavor, I want to encourage the elected officials with a constituency in The Bronx to increase their promotion of Bronx businesses. I call upon our elected leaders, community leaders, Business Improvement Districts, Neighborhood Associations, and Community Boards to make sure the relevant parties are invited to represent The Bronx flavor. Every ground-breaking ceremony in The Bronx involving real estate should have a BMNAR member present. 

As the chief executive officer for BMNAR, my wish for anyone wanting to be a part of The Bronx flavor is to become a member of BMNAR, then set aside a percentage of services needed for my members to render. Use BMNAR members to manage your building, Realtors to rent your apartments, locksmiths to secure your premises, and energy companies to fuel your buildings. Over the past four years, BMNAR has become a bigger player in The Bronx landscape and our advocacy work has surged immensely. BMNAR is the local voice for real estate in The Bronx. Let our voice work for you. Remember, “There is no place like home.” 

Eliezer Rodriguez, Esq. is the chief executive officer of The Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors, Bronx, N.Y.



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