Meet the BMAR Member: Miriam Toro

January 12, 2015 - Front Section

Miriam Toro, Assiah LLC DBA Berashith Realty

Miriam Toro is a compliance licensed real estate broker. Her experience in comprehensive quality risk management and in studying the infrastructure assignments of the Bronx and Manhattan allows her to view future changes within the real estate market. The overview of systems implementation, training and educating processes are derived from a variety of real estate deals closed by Toro. She excels in developing trainings and educational processes for different levels of leaderships.
Her humble, yet effective, techniques leave the customer satisfied, not only in the quality of work they receive, but the open communication and trust developed.
In 2002, Miriam was introduced to real estate. Soon after, she found her passion in life and decided to become a realtor in New York State. At the age of 23, Miriam became an agent at LGM, NY Realty Masters -Welchert's Realtor. During her first stage in real estate, Miriam worked as a rental agent. In the span of three months in the field, she reached the goal of renting at least 7-10 apartment units per week that generated $7,000 to $13,000 a week in rentals. Miriam worked will all rental programs such as Section 8, the FEDG program and domestic violence programs.
In 2004, Miriam decided to expand her real estate knowledge beyond rentals and started with sales. She has provided her clients with the best service and successfully cross-trained in residential sales, investment property and rentals.
In 2005, Miriam created Assiah LLC. D/B/A Berashith Realty --a dream project. She has worked hard and with all her heart to bring up the company's maximum potential/growth. Miriam is proving to our community that Berashith Realty cares about its clients. She has created a trustful and reliable company located in the Bronx.
Miriam Toro * Assiah LLC. DBA Berashith Realty
2147 Starling Avenue, Apt. 438 Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: (917) 577-5041 Email: [email protected]


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